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When did you start buying things??

Hi Ladies,

Not sure where to post this, I've seen similar posts in other forums more relevant to my situation but thought you ladies who have experience of twins etc could shed a bit more light for me?? A bit of background info, I am 14+2 with twins, however I was pregnant last year and my son was stillborn at 27+4 in September :cry: . So as you can imagine i have a state of mind at the moment that is always preparing for the worst!!

Rather than having moses baskets / cribs I was hoping it would be ok to put both babies into a cot in my bedroom (one either end with a seperator in between). But when should I buy it???? And what do you think of the babies sleeping like this??? I'm already adamant that I won't be buying any furniture of pushchair etc until the babies have been born. I know it will be a big rush but i can't help feeling this way. Of course i will have the essentials ready that are needed for the babies and I will make sure my OH rushes out to buy the cot etc as soon as they here so that it is ready for when they come home, I just can't help worrying it will all be so overwhelming and too much work to do once they are here. I suppose this is a bit of a non post, but from a mother of twins point of view when did you have these things in place or at least on order?? :\?

Any replies would be appreciated xx


  • Hi Dotty,

    Sorry to hear of your loss last year and congratulations for your impending arrivals! I can totally understand your worry and apprehension, however, I think you might have alot to do if you leave everything until they arrive, especially as there are two.

    I'm 22 weeks with twins and had 3 miscarriages before I fell pregnant this time. At the beginning, I was like you, wouldn't buy anything and didn't want anything in the house. However, over the last few weeks, I've realised that you have to be positive and have to not worry. We have therefore got most things now and the cots and furniture arrive at the end of April. We've borrowed 2 moses baskets for the first few months but will be moving into their own cots as soon as possible.

    We thought it best to buy things now so that we can spread the cost and just incase I go into labour early or there is a problem after the birth and they have to go into SCBU, we have everything.

    Please try not to worry and enjoy this pregnancy.
  • can totally understand why you dont want to buy things now,as soon as i had my 12wk scan we started buying a few extra things,the 20wks scan when we found out i was having one of each,i started buying girls things as ive already got boys things from my first pregnancy,when they were born at 31wks,they spent a few weeks in a incubator but then moved in to a double cot,which they looked really cute side by side but when they were home they was in there own..... i knew i was going to have them early as my son was 5wks early so we got the big things about 25wks as it was getting hard to move about

  • Hi Jackie,
    as you know i am a couple of weeks ahead of you also with non identical twins, i haven't really brought anything yet either and after everything you have been through i can see why your so worried about buying things.
    I'm glad you mentioned about putting them together in the same cot i also plan on doing this although as i have two moses baskets i may put them in this to start with ( in case we end up sleeping downstairs) lol!!
    I spoke to my health visitor about doing this and she said that she recently had a mum of twins who did this and it worked really well she is gonna put me in touch with her so will ask lots of questions and let you know!!!!!!!!
    I plan on buying what i need after our 20 week scan when we find out what we are having ( hubby is slightly concerned that we will go bankrupt if there is a little pink one in there), i have been lucky and have been given a car seat and moses basket from a friend and i still have a lot of stuff left over from my son, having twins is an expensive business!!!
    Hope your feeling well
    take care
  • Hey hun,
    I can understand your apprehension what you went through was truly horrific! However with twins you may have to buy early as most shops dont stock a lot of twin stuff or have just one model in stock and have to order all the others online or from the catalogue. For example mothercare doesnt stock twin pushchairs they have to be ordered babies r us stock one model suitsable for twins from birth etc.....but they dont do cots big enuff for two babies :/ So i strongly reccomend you buy early i started serious shopping around 25 weeks because then i was finding it hard to move around may be able to wait till 27wks thinking about delivery times and spreading the cost as its very expensive as im sure you have realised.
    The twins will likely to spend a lil time in SCBU Ruby was totally healthy no problems just like a single prem baby but she had to go in SCBU for a day its procedure apparently. Ella had a cpl of breathing probs and was in 4 6days and i couldnt imagine my mum having to leave to get the stuff we needed i was so overwhelmed and worried i wanted her there and theres no way she would of been able to concentrate plusit gave me summit to do to stop me getting bummed out with my aches and pains etc lol! I didnt find out the sex with the girls so the only thing they didnt have was pink everything lol so i had a going home outfit picked for each of them....if they were boys or girls and thats all my mum had to get and she was reluctant to do that for me haha image
    Could u not order the stuff and have it delivered to a friends or parents house....that way it isnt in the house if the worst shoulds happen (which im sure it wont) Then its just a case of picking up the stuff when they arrive image
    I co slept the girls but i had a cot that attachede to my bed and they lay side by side and it was easy to reach them to feed and soothe during the night meant i didnt have to get out of bed just sit up haha! Then they went side by side in a cot a lil tip tho seperate them about 6 month as i didnt cuz the girls were comfy and it took me ages to seperate them at 12months and they wouldnt sleep for ages haha! Just a tip for much later lol image
    I hope your feeling ok image These beans will be ok hun and i know its easy to say when we havent been in the situ and after the mc i can understand more but i was only 12 weeks :/ Just try and enjoy the pregnancy i think you got blessed with twins by your angel boy image
    Speak soon glad to help where we can image Let us know what you decide image
    Eve, Sam, Ruby & Ella
  • Hi All,
    Thank you for your replies, you really have helped. I know i need to buy things before the babies are here, I think i just needed you guys to point out that i needed to do this!! I am classed as high risk because of my previous loss and because of the twins, but they found nothing wrong with me or my son on his post mortem and i have been told that I am at much risk of it happening again as any other woman is, so I need to get in to the frame of mind that this is a completly different pregnancy to last time and all will turn out well! I am going to wait a while, probably until I reach 28 weeks as i think thats when i'll stop worrying.

    Lennie, i'd appreciate it if you could let me know what feedback you get about the babies sleeping together. I do have 1 moses basket, from last time and we've had plenty of offers of baby things from others, so i may use moses baskets downstairs.It is such an expensive business, but I can't wait!!

    Angelkisses, thank you for the advice in advance, I will take note and if i do co-sleep the babies I will probably seperate them once they go into their own bedroom, which i would imagine would be 6 months. It's 10 years since i've done this so, i'm hoping it will coming flooding back to me!! My mother in law lives around the corner so if we order anything in advance it's likely we'll get it sent there. She's also going to buy the pushchair for us, so we'll get it ordered after my 28 week scan and get it delivered to her to play with for a while!! Hope you are doing ok??

    Bennitnic, thank you for the positive vibes, I am a positive person but I have the odd wobble where I worry slightly. I shall follow you and lennie closely as you're both due just before me!!

    Thanks again everyone for your replies, it really is appreciated xxx
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