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worrying - just need to offload

Hi ladies.
Just wanted to offload and maybe guage a reaction as I am worried about c section date I've been given by Doctor. I have had complications and lost a twin at 24weeks. Remaining twin is doing fine but a bit small. Have been given a c section date which is 38weeks and 5 days and that was after negotiating to bring it forward as Doctor wanted it at 39 weeks.
The thing is that I am measuring 35 weeks ( 3 weeks bigger than I should be ) but thats cause of our little one that died and my placenta was bigger for a while so if we wait til 38+5 I could be measuring 42+ weeks pregnant. Our little boy was only 4 days late - I just cant help worrying that we will go into labour before hand and I dont want v birth as the little one we lost is so precious and I dont want her damaged anymore. We had forceps with Connor and it all seems quite aggressive. I raised concerns with Doctor who said he wouldwrite to Queen Charlottes Hospital London who treated us for complications. Our Doctor just doesnt seem very confident. Can you request to be dealt with by a different doctor? Our Doctor was going to pass us onto his colleague but we were originally with him and he passed us on to our present Docotr when we developed complications. Midwife is brill but its out of her hands. Sorry to whine - just doing my head in really ...


  • It sounds a bit like your getting fobbed off (if I have read your post right). I would ask to speak with the highest consultant they have there (my uncle was a consultant). I think your entitled to a 2nd consult. Due to everything you have been through so far I would been fairly assertive. You shouldn't be worrying...they should be making you feel better not worse. I hope you can get something sorted x
  • Thanks Wooly. I think I am going to write to QCH for their opinion and then arrange 2nd appt with present Doctor. I phoned his secretary tos ee if he has written to QCH but no reply yet. You're right - should really be more assertive. Thanks ! x
  • first sending you a big hug.

    you have obviously an extreme case but ime docs wont bring elective sections before 38 weeks at the earliest, however if you do go into pre term labour you can still have a section. I was booked in for a section with my twins due to maternal complications and when i went into labour at 35 weeks they asked if i still wanted one, and wld have wheeled my down for one. the benefit of this it that you know that baby is ready to come out. im having an elective this time and have been doing research which shows in some countries they wait until you are in early labour before performing section as they say they know then that baby is ready so if you do go into prem labour it might be ok.

    I completely understand why you want the section earlier I would as well but the docs seem to have this immovable cut of point.

    The only other thing is that i was measuring 42 weeks before i went into labour so fingers crossed all will be ok and as planned.

    have you spoken to tamba? its just they wld probably have some knowledge of what is best for ppl in your difficult situation.

    all the best

    xxDBxx 7+3
  • I would feel the same as you and would want an earlier c-section date. I guess, as with all pregnancies, it's a balancing act between letting you go far enough to get to a good gestation with Poppy but making sure you and the girls are not put under unnecessary stress. It sounds to me like your doc is now going by the guidelines for standard single pregnancies by choosing 38+ weeks.

    If I were you, I would ring QCH and ask your consultant there. They won't close your file until your local hospital advise that you have delivered and been discharged and I would use them as a 2nd opinion rather than another doc in your local hospital who will not be an expert and will have to get to know your notes from scratch. Writing can take a while to get a response and I think you need piece of mind soon that the date your local hospital are aiming for is the right one. You can always ask QCH to write to your local hospital once you have a verbal response, especially if their advice is to deliver you earlier.

    I do agree with DB though, you shouldn't worry too much about going into labour as you can always have a section once labour has started. The key is to get agreement that they go straight for a section and not a vaginal birth if you do go into labour naturally. You can probably force this issue by writing your birth plan and getting your consultant to agree it.

    So sorry you are having troubles like this when you have been through enough already. I really would try and get hold of your consultant at QCH by phone and see if you can get their view on the situation xxxx

    PS: Which consultant were/are you under at QCH?
  • Hi tryingforbabyM
    We were under Dr Wimalasundera. He was just fantastic. I have written to him but dont want to be a pain so hopefully will get a reply soon. We are back there in a couple of weeks for a second MRI scan anyway so could always pop up stairs if no response by then.
    I know that the most important thing is that Poppy is a good size and, as niave as it sounds, I didnt realise that if my waters went and natural labour started that they could still c section me - 37years old and I know nothing !!! I thought he ( doctor ) meant that if I went into labour of my own accord then they would go with a v birth. He 'reassured' me that Eve wouldnt come out in bits ( yes - he put it as nicely as that! )
    Thanks for replying x
  • Dear Doublebubble
    thanks for the hug!! Gosh, 42 weeks ?? But I agree with you that they come when they are ready - I shouldnt be in a rush to see her I know. I didnt think of TAMBA - I'll have a look on their website - see what I can find out. Thanks for replying, best wishes to you x
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