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twins on the way and a 7 month old and worried

Hi i am 8wks pregnant with twins!!!! and have a 7 month old already. I was happy when i found out i was pregnant, until on monday i started bleeding so i when to my gps and they sent me to the hospital for checks i got there and had a internal and the doctor said she though it was eptopic and i had to stay in until they found out if it was or not, so i was hooked up to a drip and and didnt eat all day just in case i had to go down to have surgery. when for a scan and they couldnt find any pregnancy so i had to go empty my bladder and go back to have an internal scan, as i was having this done he turned to me and ssid i have found to heartbeats, i was so shocked and started crying i couldnt believe it from thinking there was nothing there no more to there been two heartbeats i didnt know what to think. I am really happy about having twins but really scared and worried about how i am going to cope with 3 children under the age of 2!!!!! and ill only be 23!!! i have gotta go back to work until my materntity leave starts again so thats ok, but everyone keeps telling me how much hard work it going to be instead of say you know where we are if you need us!!! my oh mum and dad aren't happy about us having another but like i said to my oh i dont expect anuone to pay for my children as we both work. Please can you help me i would love to hear from other mummies just like me or have been in the same position as me and coped.


  • Hi Jen and welcome to twins..... CONGRATULATIONS

    I am sarah i am 25 and have non id 9month twin girls and a 2 year old. Caitlin was 16 months when we found out we were expecting twins so although not as young as your other lo it was still a shock!!

    The girls on here are all really nice so any questions and i am sure that someone will have an answer for you.

    I think Soda will be probably be able to help with the age gap thing as i dont think the age gap is very big between her boys!

    I was 24 when we found out we were having twins (just turned that week lol) so know what you mean about the age thing! I still think i am 16 lol.

    Anyway look forward to seeing you on here and heres for a happy and healthy 9 months xx :\)
  • Hi Jen


    I am also expecting twins and my little boy will only be 15 months when they arrive (maybe younger if they come early!!). Like you I was really shocked at first and kept thinking how will we cope!!! But now I'm really excited as I've kind of got my head round it!

    I think in some ways it will be a bit easier because my little boy will be too young to be jealous and won't ever remember a time when it was just him by himself, I'm also really pleased they will be all really close in age and will hopefully play (and I'm sure argue) together!
    I wouldn't worry about your age, mums are fantastic mums no matter what age and I'm sure you will cope just fine because you have to!! Me and DH don't have any family near by that can help so thats also a bit scary but at least 2nd time round we kind of know what we're doing ha ha!!

    Anyway I hope your pregnancy is going well so far and hope you haven't been too sick, i actually feel ok at the moment,the sickness has gone, I'll be 20 weeks on Monday!! Its gong too fast!!!

    Take Care xx
  • same position as you will mail you later just off to feed twins or please email me [email protected]

    there is 13 months between my boys the twins were 9 weeks early take no notice what people say of course it is hard but rewarding at the same time i went back briefly between pregancies and am just finisging mat leave now as i only went back for a short time dont get full smp but do still get the 12 mths off, the earlier you go back the more smp you can get are you on facebook?
    Luke 20 months Max and Milo 7 months

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  • Firstly massive congratulations it is fab being a mum of multiples.

    Yes it can be hard but the rewards are amazing. I have twins first then a 17 month gap and DS3 who is now 8 months and im 8 weeks pg with no 4 so will only be 16 months between them and im 26.

    Yes you are young but that doesnt mean your not a fab mum, nor does it mean that you can never be anything else, as you are so young there are so many opportunities if you want to take them as your lo's will all be close in age and at school together.

    I know i will get unhelpful comments when i tell people im pg, but try not to let them bother you we are all here for support whenever you want it


  • I can't imagine anyone who finds out they are expecting twins not being scared - I certainly am - I am bricking it!!!
  • Congrats!!!! I know we worry about how we will cope but the thing is...we just will! image
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