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Newbie here and think we are having Twins. Advice please?

I am 16 weeks and really suspect that we are expecting Twins. Just wanted to ask you lovely ladies how did you find out for sure and what symptoms did you have

Nikki x


  • Early scan at 7wks confirmed it for me, and as it was my first preg, i could't advise on any symptoms etc, except i grew a belly asap!!
  • Hi thanks for help. I had midwife appointment last week and picked up another heartbeat on my right side and I have been getting the hb for past month on the left with my doppler (OH and I have picked it up too and he was so shocked. I have been getting movement and fluttering on both sides now. Not sure if to get scan brought forward from next month.
  • i thought i was carrying twins when i woke up one morning n could definately see a bump and this was at 8 weeks lol the fact i had a full bladder may have made it stick out more but this is my second pregnancy and knew that your uterus doesnt usually come out of your pelvis til your about 12 weeks and weirdly enough i had a dream about having twins then at my 12 weeks scan confirmed it. i was being sick quite alot at least 4 times a day n it didnt matter whether it was morning or night n think it finally went at about 20 weeks but comes back still now n then i think that was the only symptom really that made it more obvious i was having twins i did have quite alot of tiredness and i did have a few headaches to start with too tho, when i was 24 weeks the mw said i was measuring 30 weeks n im 27 weeks now n if i measured right im measuring 37 weeks but i'll see next week when i go for my 28 week scan, one of the perks is you get to see your babies more as you have more scans and you have even more if they're identical rather than non-identical i have one every 4 weeks( mine are non-id) from now on i know gemmiebaby on here has one every two weeks cuz her babies are identical x
    nope this helps cuz i have rattled on a bit lol x

  • I take it u've had no 12 week scan yet??

    We were told we were expecting twins at an emergancy scan at 11 weeks and then again at our 12 week scan 10 days later,

    In hindsight i guess i'd started showing a lot earlier than my previous pg (8 weekish) and my sickness started earlier than in my previous PG's too.

    Its quite possible for the baby to move sides so that you would pick it up on both sides but if your getting them on different sides at the sameish time and you can tell a difference between them and ur own then u might be expecting twins.

    Did ur MW not say whether she could refer u??

    Lilac* 18+4 twin beans
  • No whats weird is that I had my 12 week scan but sonographer only scanned my extreme left side and picked up the baby straight away and didn't scan anywhere else. The last week I had midwife appointment and I said that I have been picking up the hb on the left and she went straight to my right side and got a very strong hb there but slightly different tone to what I have been getting with doppler and then she didn't listen to the left side. Strange that both did either side but did not cross back over to the other. I did think it very odd and put it to back of my mind then towards the end of last week I started getting strong movements on both sides and could pick up both hb's either side and definitely was not mine as it is alot slower. I did show from about 7 weeks very rounded from just under the breasts so really stumped xx
  • To be honest i'd be very surprised (even if they did only scan what u thought to be one side) if they missed another baby, the only way i'd expect that to happen is if the babies were identical and sitting right behind /in front of each other and be in the same sac.

    At a guess i'd say the 2 heart beats could be the placenta and heartbeat, i could be wrong but i think its doubtfull you're carrying twins.

    Sorry hun.

    Enjoy ur PG.
  • Hey hunny,

    Is this your first pregnancy? Im carrying twins and this is my first pregnancy. We found out it was twins at my 10 week private scan. It was pretty obvious as we saw 2 heads straight away. I didnt show until I was about 18 weeks, although my tummy was a bit rounded before then. I would be surprised if they hadnt picked up twins at your 12 week scan athough im not saying this wouldnt happen as I dont know. My midwife picked up the possibility of twins at 8 weeks (although we laughed at the time!)

    I was sick as a dog for about 10 or so weeks but some people dont have any symptoms, or their symptoms are no different.

    Also, as lilac says, they may have missed twins if they are in the same sac but I doubt very much this would happen as this is considered a very high risk pregnancy and they would have you under consultant care straight away and scanned at least every 2 weeks.

    Let us know either way!!

    Gemma and Identical Double Blue Bump 27 + 4
  • Hi, This is my second pregnacy albeit after a 12/13 year gap OMG. Can't explain it I just feel that I am and have from the very beginning just want to be fully prepared. Just confused with feeling movements at different times on both sides and getting very strong hb's on both sides. Did also pick up my hb and the umbilical cord sounds so know its not that. Just hope the midwife won't think I am daft for telling her. Also my anomaly scan is in 5 weeks if they do decide to do another scan to see if twins will they bring that scan forward and do all the checks and measurements without having to do another scan. Think it would make sense as don't want scans to close together. xx
  • If you really think it could be twins then mention it to your midwife, she wont think you're silly.

  • Then if you really think it could be it will only play on your mind if you dont say anything. And, if you dont say anything and you find it is twins youll be really annoyed with yourself for not saying something earlier. Who cares if your mw thinks youre silly, although I dont think she will, youre looking out for the wellbeing of you and you pregnancy!
  • I'd speak up, speak to the mw! However from what you have wrote my opinion is i doubt your carrying twins. Hb's can move around so much, and a sonagrapher worth anything would not have missed twins at 12wks, x
  • i found out i was having twins at 7wks due to a bleeding,my first pregnancy i got every symptom and my second pregnancy i got nothing,i did show early but dont forget you will show early on your second or more pregnancies,i would speak to your mw and see what she says

  • I found out at 12 weeks scan and she pick up 2 babies straightaway any good sonographer would check to make sure there was only one and not more..
  • Not holding out for Twins now as midwife thinks it is placenta and poss umbilical cord.As releations with OH are not the best one ickle baba is more than enough on my own. Its just that little tiny bit extra special and amazing. But have majorly fallen out with my friend because she thought I was having a breakdown that my OH and I suspected twins and wanted to be prepared. And why did she think this because my OH and I for a laugh called the bump Theo and Cleo the Fetuses (as in Theo Paphitus from Dragons Den) my fault she is defunct of a sense of humour and common sense. But the most hurtful thing is she highlighted her concerns ha to my OH through my facebook found his details and sent him a message on his blackberry. What a great underhanded friend of 25 years that is not like we need our friends when we are Pregnant. Don't know who to be more devastated by.By her not approaching me (but she wouldn't because that would mean calling and she never parts with money the whole time I have known her) or my OH that he was not honest with me and tell me she contacted him after all we both thought it could be a possibilty it was twins as my mum has twins on her side. Advice ladies please x
  • Our 9 week scan! Only way to tell for sure. I was extra sick with morning sickness though!

    There are twins are on my Dad's side... all twin girls too!

    mum to non-id twin girls 8 weeks old xx
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