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My boys aged 13 weeks...

Hi - Finally get chance to add a photo of my boys... They are growing so quickly, can't believe they are growing out of their 0-3 month clothes already...

Sara x


  • Awww so cute hun!! xx

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  • hi
    how sweet xx

    how much do they weigh now?
  • They are gorgeous and getting big x
  • They are gorgeous and getting big x
  • Wow they are gorgeous and they are growing really well, how early were they???
  • They were 6 weeks early... They are growing so quickly... They are 14 weeks old today and both slept through last night... I'm feeling awake today!!!

    Sara x
  • cute! Are they identical? They look like they are. I am 30 weeks pregnant with identical boys. Jane x
  • oh, sara they are lovely. How is Saul ? We use to chat a little in the april07 forum (which has gone now)
    How is he with the twins? Kadyn is now a big brother to a little sister who is 13 days old today! He just points and says bubba!
    Three kids is hard work isn't it!!!!!lol
  • Hi - No I don't think they are identical, but the only way of telling for sure is a DNA test (which we're not doing)...

    Holly - Hi, I remember you, how are you? Saul id doing well, he's not doing much talking but likes to throw his toys at the twins!!! Congratulations on your new arrival...

    Sara x
  • Hi Sara, I am fine trying to adapt to 3 children!!! There is a larger family forum now which I believe a few of us april 07 mums are now in!!! Hopefully we will see you over there too. (When you actually get some (spare !!!!) time lol)
    Glad Saul is well.
  • hi, they r gorgeous. Thot they were id too.
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