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Went for my 7 week scan (had IVF) to check all was well with pregnancy & found out its tripplets!!! Its very early days but lets hope all goes to plan. The hospital said this kind of thing happens every 2 years for them. I've just looked on line for tripplet prams to get an idea of cost.......I can hardly find any!
Does anyone know of any good suppliers of tripplet stuff?


  • Wow, congratulations. Put your feet up and take it easy. I bet you cant wait for your next scan.
  • hi and massive congrats.

    Ive got the inglesia triple pram (had twins then a baby) im selling it after next wednesday providing my 8 week scan show that there is only one in there lol

    tbh if you have the money id recommend the peg peggaro triple buggy, its fab.

    good luck

  • Wow congrats! Think this is the first tripplet post i've seen so far... Sorry I can't help with the prams, i'm only an expert on the double ones so far! :lol:


  • Awww fab news congratulations.

    Cant help with the pram thing either i am afraid as i have twins!! but didnt want to R&R.

    I do know though that the obaby triplet pushchair in mothercare is not suitable from birth so dont think that would be much use for the time being, but worth considering in the long term.

    Congratulations again and hope you have a happy and healthy nine months!!

  • Thank you all so much! I had thought of the sling & double idea & it might boiled down to that if I don't see anything. If any of you are design minded there is defo a gap in the market!!!!!!
    Its very early days so I shall have to hope all 3 are strong enough to hang in there. Thanks again :\)

  • hey wooly didnt want r/r dont know about prams and buggies for you but just wanted to say a massive congratulations to you, you must be very excited, i just found out im expecting twins and that was really big shock
  • my first thought was oh my god,poor you :lol: but a massive congratulations,i bet your over the moon,heres to a very health and sticky pregnancy image also cant help with the pram as i have only a double pram,the prams ive seen for 3 LOs do seem huge but i have seen a few,just go on to a search engine and have a look,you will have to keep us all informed on how your going on,wow tripplets.lucky you


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  • Hi, hope u don't mind me gatecrashing......massive congrats to u and ur family!! Hope all goes well!!

    Found this, don't know if useful......
  • Wow, triplets! Massive congratulations to you and your OH.

    The only experience I have of triplet prams are that when we were buying our double, a couple with triplets walked past as we were playing with the buggy. They were using the Obaby triplet buggy as their babies looked about 4-5 months old but he said that initially they used a double + sling (or + a single Maclaren suitable from birth if there were 2 of them taking the babies out). Not sure if this would be an option?

    Best of luck with your pregnancy and keep us posted xxx
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