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how many weeks . . .

....were you when you delivered your twins? im having non-id twins n just wondered how far gone were most of you when you delivered yours and was it naturally or c-section? and does it differ if your having non-id and id twins? and did eveything go ok during birth? and were your babies in intensive care for any length of time? sorry for the millions of questions i think these are the only things on my mind, i dont think about how im going to cope just want them to come out healthy really and a reasonable weight if possible i wouldnt mind delivering at 37 weeks not sure whether this is wishfull thinkin but then i know they should both be ok x


wow i just realised to when putting my ticker on that its less than 100 days to my EDD not that i'll be pregnant at 40 weeks lol


  • Hey

    Non-id tend to go longer and some hospitals are happy to let you go to term, i know of a few girls that had there non-ids at 40 weeks and both weighing over 7lb.

    I had my id twins at 35 weeks exactly (4lb15oz and 6lb 8oz!) spent 2 weeks in hospital but that cld have been shorter if id ff but they werent happy with their weight gain as i was bfeeding, but i knew and they were fine lol they were in NICU for 3 days but that was because of Jaundice and being unable to keep their temperatures up.

    They were tube fed and that is something you do need to be aware of as even twins born at 36+ weeks sometimes need to be tube fed as they develop slower than singletons. i thought it would be awful but was fine in the end.

    I had a em sec, due to pre eclampsia in labour and now looks like my body cant give birth naturally. If you had a normal labour with your son then id recommend trying with the twins as it saves so many complications.

    think thats it any more questions ask away

  • Ah, BE ate my reply!

    I had my twins at 32+3 by elective c-section. The delivery was fine, no problems or complications, They weighed 2lb10 and 4lb2 and were in SCBU for 5 weeks. They are now 12 weeks (4 corrected) and weigh 7lb5 and 11lb xx
  • Hi, I have Non-Id girls and in my opinion is it does differ to id twins, i think id's come earlier than non-id's! My girls were induced at 36+5 and born at 36+6 therefore classed and 1 day premature (37 wks is term for twins), however my hospital said they'd let me go to 38 wks, but at my scan at 36wks they said twin 1's growth had slowed down, so i could be induced! I had them both naturally, as they both presented head down, and they weighed 5lb 6oz and 5lb 9oz. We went home from hospital 36 hrs after the birth!!!
  • I went to 38 weeks and was induced. They had stopped growing at 36 weeks. I had them naturally too. After seeing ladies who'd had c-sections I'm really glad I had them naturally as I recovered much quicker - but everyone is different.

    I'm glad I went as far as I did (even though I was moaning about it!) because the girls weren't classed as prem (under 37 was considered prem in our hospital) and they were able to go home sooner (even though I spent 10 days inside!).

  • i had jack and charlotte at 31wks and it was a natural delivery,they were both over 4lb each so they were very good weights and they stayed in SCBU for 5wks,the doctors did say if i hadnt had them by 38wks i would have been induced but i never got that far :lol: there nearly 31wks now and you would not belive there early

  • do you know what type of placenta you have? cuz if you have an anterior placenta this could shield the first movements it isnt anything to worry about it just means you'll feel them move a bit later but i wouldn't have thought it'd be long before you feel them x
    i have been really uncomfortable the past few nights, have you got a maternity pillow cuz this can help at night, although at the minute thats not helping me much but usually does

    hope this helps


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