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Did they spot it was twins straight away?

Just wondered - those of you who have/are having twins, did the sonographer know you had twins in there straight away? Did anyone get told it was one baby and then discover there were two?


  • i had an early scan at 7wks due to bleeding and they told me they was 2 heartbeats

  • i had my first scan at just under 8 weeks and they got 2 straight away. i had an internal scan though which apparantly is more accurate during the early weeks. At my 12 week scan, i got them to check there wasn't a 3rd hiding anywhere in there! There wasn't....
  • I also had an early scan at 7 weeks and was told straight away it was twins.
  • I was curious as I had a scan yesterday (7+5) and can see our bean clearly, but on looking at the pic more I think I can see something else... it looks like a shadow - maybe I am imaging it. It was an internal scan so I am sure she would have seen something :-/
  • I found out I was having twins at my 12 week scan, it was clear straight away there are 2.

    With my first there was only 1 but at the end she checked behind the baby (somehow) to ensure there wasn't another hiding! So I guess it can be possible for one to hide!
  • I also had an early scan (very early), at 6+4 and I was told i had twins. I could see both blobs. x
  • I had an early scan at 7+4 and could see both heartbeats
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