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Do they work as well with twins?? And how far into the pregnancy do they start working? xxxxx


  • tbh i think there a waste of money,i never had one with both my pregancies,ppl get scared when they cant find the heartbeat,also it can pic up your own heartbeat,all too confusing for me,when the mw was checking the heartbeats they were different sounds,i know some ppl swear by them though :lol:

  • lol - different opinion but we got one after losing our first pg. We dont use it very often - in fact, they move so much now that I dont need to! I have never had a problem finding their heartbeats, or telling the difference between them and eachother or me. However, people can find it difficult and I was always of the opinion that if I didnt find them within 10 mins then I would stop, have a cup of tea or cold drink, then try again later. I had to do this once. I thought I would panic but I was surprisingly calm.

    If you think about it in terms of the fact that you might not always find both of them, or either of them, and this doesnt worry or panic you then go for it but THINK VERY CAREFULLY. Mine was good reassurance but I have been more confident through this pg anyway. If you are nervous, or know that you would panic if you couldnt find it, then dont get one!

    Hope that helps xxx
  • To keep it brief my opinion is the same as 'Gemmiebaby'. I had one! x
  • I had one too. After we were told that I may not make it to the end with 2 babies, we listened for heartbeats every day. I reassured us that both were still OK. I think we first found the heartbeats at about 15 weeks and never had any trouble locating them as I had one twin on each side xx
  • I bought one after MC pg soon after !!
    needed reassurance so bought one from internet.
    I found heartbeats (faintly) as of 13 weeks...(not my first knew what to listen for)

    I was advised to use them rarely...
    so only when Ive felt the need....which was every few days to statrt with....but once fely babies moving....I rarely use.
    Mainly use it now to check babies heartbeats no too fast/slow, and know that babies & calm/not distressed.
    its easy to determine heartbeats once youve found them....they tend to stay in similar place......but like Gemmiebaby, if after 5 mins or so.....If I couldnt find their hearts....I would stop & try again next day (but didnt let it concern me)
    They cant ALWAYS be found.....#
    but I thought my doppler was a good investment !!
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