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Identical- one placenta

Hi Everyone
On Tuesday I went for my 11 week scan and was surprised to be told we????re having twins. The doctor could only see one placenta and is thinking that they are identical. Two people I know have lost one of the twins due to some problem were one twin feds from the other (twin to twin transfusion? or something). This is making me very worried.

I go back next Tuesday for another scan and to check measurements etc. The doctor is also going to take measurements to check for chromosome defects (I presume Downs Syndrome) and then he mentioned doing a triple screen blood test.

Does anyone know anything about the triple screen blood test?
Has anyone had/or is anyone having twins who share a placenta?
I????d love to hear from you.

Carly xxx Pip and Pop 10 + 6


  • I'm reading a book right now called Twins and Multiple Births by Dr. Carol Cooper that says that sometimes it appears in a scan that the twins have one placenta, but they actually have seperate placentas that are fused together.
  • I posted a response in the Feb forum for/to you, Congratulations.

    Emma (exp Twins)
  • Hi i am also pregnant with twins 19wks & 5 and told their non id, when i had my scan at 13 wks the midwife told me because it's twins they cant do a blood test to check for downs as the hormones levels are so high due to 2 babies, so i had to have a special scan which has to be done before i think 14 wks where they measure the skin at the back of the babies necks, apparantly babies with downs have thicker skin there, and then they give you a percentage chance, i didnt have any kind of blood tests for downs.

    Hope this helps a bit, and good luck

  • hi

    My twins are ID. They had one sac and 1 placenta. I had a nuchal scan to check their necks but was told they dont do the blood test for twins. I had a scan every 2 weeks to check for Twin-to-twin syndrome (ttts)-where one gets more blood/nutrients than the other. So make sure you get scaned regulary too and read up on the symptoms so you can maybe watch out for it yourself although i think its mostly picked up on scans.
    if you want to ask anything else or just chat let me know.
    My girls are now 8 months old and didnt develop ttts.

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