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twins and teeth....


my twins are a big one now,
and Darcy has 4 teeth - nearly 5- i can see it popping through the gum

but Ross has only 1 tooth.
i think he may be gummy for ever!

poor little man!


  • Well i know nothing as mine are my first but there 6 months and currently have no teeth, however definitely were suffering teething issues a few weeks ago!
  • My boys 10 months or 8 corrected both have bottom left coming through and Max has bottom right coming through.
  • Hi - My boys are 8 months tomorrow... Gabriel has his bottom 2 teeth but Gideon doesn't have any yet... Both teething though, so much drewl!!!
  • my ross has now gained one more tooth...
    grand total of 2 now - and he is 14 moths old!

    darcy has 7 teeth....

    where oh where ar his teeth?????????????????????

    i have even asked my own dentist who laughed at me...but seriously how long does the poor cha have to wait for teeth??? !!!
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