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lumpy food

my twins are nearly 8 months
and neither of them likes lumpiness in their food - still!
they both do finger food
should i worry or wait?
they clamp their mouths shut if any lumps are detected!


  • Can't really help, but just to say I know what you mean! Mine are 11 months & still don't really like lumps. They just gag on them or ignore the food unless I mush it right down. I'm just persevering slowly & hoping that's the right thing to do.
  • Hi, I'm new to this site and I can totally sympathise with you. My daughter was the same with lumps - she refused to chew and then would choke and promptly throw up everything she had just eaten. She was seen on a regular basis by a Speech Therapist which was a pointless exercise but she is now two and still is wary about lumps. She eats finger food fine but I just have to encourage her to chew with other food. She hasn't been sick for a long time now though still chokes at times.

    I would say try not to worry. Your ickle ones will get there in their own time and take no notice of the HV saying they won't talk as quick - My daughter was under 1yr when she started talking. According to 'experts' a 2yr old will be starting to put a couple of words together - My daughter can have a totally coherent conversation with a stranger in a shop and has an immense vocabulary (she is tall too so people often assume she is over 3yrs due to her height and speech combined).

    A child will not starve itself and my daughter was still eating 7mth+ Jars (she went off home cooking at about 6mths) when she was nearly two. She will eat home cooked food now but it still has to be mashed to the same consistancy that my 11mth boy has.

    Not sure if I've made much sense but just want to say don't worry. It'll all come good in the end.
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