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Mnay many thanks for your reply to my ID Twins and one placenta.

I????m living in Spain with no one to ask. I????m driving my self mad "googling" every little thing- my latest been the Triple screening. I have spoken to my partner and as we have no wish to terminate the pregnancy even if Downsyndrome was likely, I am just going to have the scan to look at the nuchal translucency (the fluid at the back of the neck).

They are going to do this on Tuesday 22nd I think. So they can get a closer view of the twins I????m having an internal ultra sound. But we don????t want the blood test, as from what you say and I have read, they can????t really tell accurately with twins due to higher levels of hormone etc, which could give a false result.

Hopefully the scan will also show whether there is one placenta or two (he thinks one) and whether the twins are in the same sac- he thinks two sacs- but I really couldn????t see- so I????ll be glad of a closer view.

How many weeks were you when you delivered? Was it a natural birth or c-section?

Sorry for all my questions and ramblings. 11 weeks down and lots more scary weeks to come!



  • Hi

    Sorry for late reply-just seen this!
    Good luck for your scan. We wouldnt have had the blood test either even if it was offered.
    I had a natural birth, i was induced at 37 weeks-my hospital didn't let ID's go over that and if both are head down than they say go for a natural.
    Feel free to ask anything!
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