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signs of having twins?

Hi guys,

I was wondering if any of you had any signs that you were having twins before you found out?

This is my second pregnancy and everything seems to be happening a lot quicker than my first so thought maybe I could be expecting twins or it could just be that it's second time!

I am only about 6 weeks but have a small bump! And my boobs are huge where as 1st time they didn't grow until after my baby was born! I also feel a lot more tired and washed out already.

Thanks in advance for replies!xx


  • I haven't had a scan yet! but I just 'think' I am going to have twins (be a shock if the scan says i'm going to tho lol) but at 4 weeks my boobs went upto an E I have had EVERY systom going to extream. I have at now 11 weeks and 2 days A BIG solid bump! And people are saying I'm either 'further gone' or 'having twins' I have hardly been able to eat because EVERYTHING makes me feel sick! lol I will let you know my scan is on the 15th Jan! lol x
  • Im only 5wks and i have a little belly on me which seems to have appeared from nowhere! Twins run in both sides of the family so just wondering if i may be expecting twins - doubt it but u never know! think im just very bloated!
  • hi i also have a very small belly on me very tight and quite low down so is def not fat haha, but i am either just gone 6 weeks or just gone 8 will not know til the scan. there r twins somewhere down the line in my family but very far down it haha. and there r identical twins in my hubby's family but that does not run in family's so that makes no difference!! let us know if anyone gets them! oh my friend had twins a year ago i'll ask her if she had a different symptoms as she also has a baby girl so she has experienced 1 and 2! xx
  • ok so i asked my friend what her symptoms were with her twins and she didn't have very many not like she did with just the one. the only thing is she needed a wee all the time and that was it so basically u can never tell until a scan!! xx
  • my mm didn't find out she was having twins (me and sis) til 36 weeks, and we were born at 38!!!!

    There are a lot of twins going back years on my mums side. I have a suspision I maybe this time, I'm still losing weight but have put on 2inches around my hips in the last 2 weeks!! Already in maternity trousers ar my 12/14 eans won't do up (I have a belly belt which is great as i don't really want to wear mat yet!) I'm only 8+1
  • not yet, I see her for the first time on the 1st feb.

    I get a scan at 12 weeks, don't know if they could book another one before that.

    Maybe is it worth calling her?
  • Thanks. Very very very hungry as well, but feel much too sick to eat, I'll try and call her on monday.
  • will do, she's coming tomorrow morning!! so excited, was supposed to be next week but she asked if she could come earlier!!!
  • she said to wait till the scan on the 25th, not much she can do at the mo coz it's too early to pick up heart beats, she did say symptons are probably worse coz it's no.3. so just got to wait now.
  • in all honesty i think only a scan will reveal how many babies you are having, i was 17 weeks pregnant when i found out, the first scan totally missed one of the babies, it was only when i questioned the dates that my doctor sent me for another scan 2 days later only to reveal yes i was 17 weeks pregnant and not only that there were two babies, well they will be two in june and are beautiful a boy and a girl, my bump never really became obvious untill i was around 20 weeks pregnant, so i wouldnt suggest that the size of your bump is an indicator of the fact there might be more than one little one in there, in my first pregnancy i had a noticable bump at 14 weeks with only one baby, now its baby time again and hopefully there is only one in there, but who knows, ive all of a sudden started to grow a rather large bump, im waiting for a scan next week but the doctor thinks i might this time be around 20 weeks pregnant, its only in the last 5 weeks i have knew i was, and only thought i was around 8 weeks, well here we go again, and its the best thing that can happen, xx:lol:
  • hello all... i have pcos and so i dont have periods... so thefore cant tell how far gone i am ... going by my last negitive test we think between 7-9 weeks but still arnt sure ....i an convinced i am having twins i dont no why??? but i just think i am ... i have a bump and even the week before we found out i was pregnat i thought i had a bump... so that was at 5 week... sounds stupid but i think u can tell on u own body... i go and see the midwife on the 24th may but am so exited.... and aslo i feel soo worn out all the time like i cant function... this is my first and i am panicing abit about every feeling... i feel like i need to be raped in a bubble... we have been trying for a year and a half... and we are so scared that somthing might go wrong... i no i am probs overeacting but thats just me image ... so i think my question is do u think u can know subcontiously that u are having twins before ur scan ... and has this happend to anyone ??? xxx thanks

  • you should always show ealier with second or more pregnancies

  • Hi I am pregnant with my 3rrd baby and I think I may be having twins?

    I have a bump already solid I'm 12weeks gone with my other 2 I didn't show until around 5months gone! Between 7-10weeks I felt sooo sick but really hungry at the same time I went of all food apart from chicken I keep having little flutters!

    I think I may be having twins?? It runs in both familys I just have a weird feeling I am? I have my scan on tuesday so excited will let u no x
  • hi this is my first pregnancy and im now very concious that im having twins as my tummy has gone very very had at the bottom and has got quite big im only 9 weeks pregnant and my boobs have gone from a dd cup to a f cup within a matter of two weeks no twins run in the family that im aware of

  • With my twin pregnancy, I didn't particularly show early, had no symptoms until about 10/11 weeks (apart from missing AF and obviously a +ve pregnancy test). Was never sick, just had nausea..... so what I am trying to say, is your symptoms don't necessarily mean twins cos when I had twins I didn't have those symptoms!

  • hi ima 45 year old mother of 2 grown boys, im now 12 weeks pregnant as got caught on the change, this pregnancy is so different from my last, im very sick and exhausted and am fainting constantly, my main concern is that im so big its embarassing, my breasts have gone up 3 cup sizes already! and people stop me and say wow not long now as my bump is huge, im constantly leaking urine and if i sneeze its a disaster, i did have a scan at 7 weeks which wasnt very clear at all, could i be having twins? wat do people think? twins do not run in the family, but im so big has anyone else experienced this x


  • as this is your 3rd pregnancy,you will show earlier then your previous and symptoms really mean nothing as my singleton pregnancy i had them all but with the twins,i had no symptoms at all,i also had a scan at 7wks and you could clearly see they were 2 in there,so iam guessing the chances of you having twins are slim,if they couldnt see anything on screen 

  • hi, im around 6-9 weeks gone and there are twins in my boyfriends family....(his brothers are twins) i think i may be having twins because im very bloated and my boobs are gettin bigger each day....just worried, any other suggestions on how to know?

  • twins only run down the female side,so it doesnt matter if your b/f has twins on his side,he will only pass the gene on,if you have a daughter and the only way to tell is a scan 

  • I’m convinced I’m having twins, it’s my first so I have nothing to compare.  My shape changed and I started showing at about 8 weeks.  I’m 12 now and have a bump that I’m trying my best to hide until my 1st scan on Tuesday as I have not told most of my friends or my work colleagues.  I’m having terrible nausea and banging headaches, which I have been having for about 5 weeks.  I’m also sure that I’m feeling movement like flutters since about 11 weeks.

    My logic is that the nausea started at about the right sort of time that you would expect so I don’t think I am further along than I have been dated.  But I’m bigger than you would expect and people are starting to guess (2 that I know of, 1 a pregnant work colleague and the other a male friend of my brother) and also I’m feeling movement hence I’m thinking I have 2 of um in there??? Hope so image

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