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help needed nutriprem 2

anyone had a baby on nutriprem 2? the twins are on nutriprem 2 and was originally told they would be on it until 6 months corrected age, but speaking to someone who was on transitional care with me and she was told by the consultant that babies are on it until they have caught up with their weight and are showing a good steady weight gain. has anyones babies come off nutriprem 2 earlier than 6 months corrected age? also i am finding that one twin is hungry a lot and sometimes will only go 1-2 hours between feeds, i have tried increasing the ammount of milk offered but she will not take anymore than 2and a half to 3 oz per feed has anyone had any similar issues? or any advive


  • jack and charlotte were 9wks early and they spent 5wks in scbu,all this time i expressed,when they came out of hospital they were on it for anouther week then i changed them to formula,jack was always a lot more hungry than charlotte,charlotte was every 4hours and jack was every 2-3 hours in the end i put him on hungry baby formula and it did work for him as sometimes it doesnt work

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