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20 Week Twin Scan Today

Was amazing!!!! Sonographer was brilliant and explained everything to us and showed us everything - except the private parts as we don't want to know. Hubby thought he saw boys parts on both twins but he also thought the tummy was the babies face!!

All is perfect but they did say they are big babies! Going to be having scans every 4 weeks now so can't wait.

Obstetrician did confirm I have SPD so being referred for physio - not sure it will do much good but worth a go. Luckily I'm in BUPA so going to get them to refer me to Osteopath too as hear that is slightly better.

So pleased that everything is OK and going to plan.

Happy scans to those of you who haven't yet had theirs....



  • ah fantastic I'm really pleased for you as I know you've been worried. Easier said than done I know but try to relax and enjoy now
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