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My Twins have arrived!!!!

Hello all

Thought i would let you know that my girls have arrived 33+4 weeks. We have named them Stevie and Ashlea.

They are both on SCBU at the moment but are doing really well, spent first couple of days in incubator and then got Jaundice so had to have phototherapy but they are in cot together now, just trying to estblish feeding.

NOw for the birth story, waters broke on 8 July at 4.30am said to OH "think waters have broke he was like WHAT and went back to sleep, typical!! contractions started at 5.30 got to hospital at 6.10 and twin one stevie arrived at 6.43 and Ashlea arrived 8 minutes later at 6.51, normal delivery with just gas and air how proud am I!!

Anyway signing off for now have to express some more (god it is hard work like trying to get blood from a stone!!).


  • Many Congtratulations! Well done to all of you. x Lovely names too.

    Can I be cheeky and ask there birth weights?

    Emma (twins)
  • Well done xx

    what were their weights?

  • Congratulations... Great news too about a normal delivery, gives me hope...

    I was also going to ask about their birth weights...

    Are you going to put their photo's on as your avatar?

    Sara x
  • Congratulations on the early but safe arrival of your little girls.

    Look forward to hearing weight etc too.
  • Sorry always at hospital, they were 3lb 12 and 3lb 14.

    really cheesed off today was told they could come home either today or tomorrow but they have lost a bit of weight 1oz each (wow) now have to wait until at least monday!
  • Oh dear, Im sure Monday feels like a long time away but it is only few days hun, there weights are quite good for 33wks, and you'll have them home before you know it!

    Sorry I have another cheeky question, if you dont mind, how are they being fed at the moment? x
  • congrats to u both on the birth of your twin girls, they were lovely weights for 7 weeks early.
    seems ages till my identical twins r going 2 be born im only 14 weeks.
    wishing u all the best
    deb xx
  • Not cheeky at all, they are breast fed at the moment, tried feeding them together for the first timme today and it went really well, no where near as hard as i thought it would be.

    But i dont think you should feel pressurised into either feeding because you can always still use breast milk in a bottle if you dont want to feed yourself

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