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consultant appointment-32 weeks with idenitical twins

first of all sorry this is going to be long!!

well i am really unhappy with the way my consultant is with me!

he just doesnt seem bothered.

I am 32+1 and expecting idenitical twins, they are our first babies and therefore this pregnancy lark is all new to us, whether it was one baby or 2.

I have seen him a total of 4 times and all he has done at each appointment is my blood pressure and urine sample. if i ask a question, he pretty much says "what will be will be, babies are growing fine and your blood pressure and urine fine"

i had a scan this morning and both twins are head down and growing at the same rate. the sonographor told me they are weighing apporox 4lb 2oz each at the moment. which is fab as they are growing so well.

i was under the impression from my midiwife that with identical twins, the duration of the pregnancy would be no longer than 36/37 weeks.

i asked the consultant today how long they would let me go before anything was done, ie induction.

he said

"2 things can happen, your body will go into labour naturally, but if before 34 weeks we will try and stop this, or if you get to 39 weeks we will induce you"

39 weeks!!! is he kidding! i already have over 8 lb of babies in me now!! i said this to him. i asked if i got to 37 weeks and babies were 7 lbs each they would let me go to 39 weeks, he said "yes the bigger the better"

i feel abit shocked by the above, as thought i wouldnt go past 36/37 weeks!!

Arghh i am going to feel like a giant elephant!

sorry for the moan just needed to get it off my chest!!!


  • I only went to 32+3 with my girls so can't offer much advice but he is right, I wouldn't necessarily say the bigger the better but definitely the older their gestation the better - perhaps this is what he meant?! I think you'll find that they'll slow down/stop growing at about 36 weeks anyway due to lack of space/overloaded placenta. I thought your midwife was right. My hospital has a policy of not letting you go past 37 weeks with ID twins but I guess all hospitals are different.
    I'm sure you must be really uncomfortable - I only had 7lb of babies to carry and I was so I do sympathise - but I promise you, the discomfort is better than time in SCBU. I would've put up with pretty much anything to have been able to bring my babies home straight away. I'm sure your little ones will pick exactly the right time to arrive and you never know, if your later scans show lack of growth, you will probably be induced/sectioned anyway
    Good luck and hang on in there! xxx
  • thank you for your reply hun.

    i think i have found out why he has said 39 weeks. on all my scan notes from 12 week scan it has said i am expecting mc/da twins. therefore that is why i was led to believe 36/37 weeks all along.

    anyway i had a new songraphor yesterday and she wrote on my scan that i was expecting dc/da twins. i think the consultant has just read the latest report and gone off that. as understand non id twins are allowed to be left longer?

    i will be having a word with conultant again in 2 weeks and see what he says then!

    ps your little twinnys are so cute!! cant wait to meet mine.
  • I am expecting non ID twins soon (now 31+3)

    I fully understand how anxious you are...esp. being your first babies.
    and that carrying 2 babies is HARD work !
    but the fact your doc seems very apathetic, probably doesnt help in relieving your anxietys.

    but what he is saying is true...and the fact your babies are healthy, appear to be happily content & growing well, means that there are no probs & you may well get to a good distance in your pregnancy....(which is GOOD !)
    Although hard to know you still have some weeks to go....which is mentally hard....but as trying4babyM says.....its better having them growing well inside you, than in special baby care units !!
    Just hang in there....and know lots of women are in a very similar position right now (knowing your not alone is a great help!!)

    It wouldnt hurt for your docs/midwives to show you more care & attention....but they dont have the time for those not-in-need !!
    Ive come on here for sympathetic ears my first twin pregnancy.....feel very tired/emotional etc etc...and I barely ever see my midwifes !! (5 times throughout whole pregnancy so far ) ...
    They think as I have children...they can just let you be...
    But I still crave the needing to be comforted..and being listened to...or just a good old bit of TLC ........

    I cant sleep, eat a meal, suffering heartburn terribly all day, sickness, back pain, insomnia, anemia, exhaustion, V. veins, carpal tunnel & heaps more...
    Id give anything to make time go quickly !!! and have my body back...feel normal again....and have just 1 nights SLEEP !!!
    Biding my time is HARD.......esp. with no sympathy !!!

    YOUR NOT ILL a common statement I hear !!!
    no....but I have every symptom that makes normal people curl up in bed & want to die !!!!!!

    So if its any consolation....I hear you too & fully sympathise xxxx

    Hope all continues to go well....& lets hope that you'll get lots more TLC from midwifes when your babies arrive....
    ....noone can resist hanging around cooing over twin babies !! imageimageimage
  • agghhh....
    didnt see your expecting ID twins.......
    in that should def. be getting more attention.....need to be monitered more closely with ID twins.
    Usually ID twins only go to 37 weeks......not the full 40......
    as apparently the placenta starts to wane as pg being used by 2 babies.....!!!!
    So Im sure with ID twins, you wont be going over 37 weeks...!!!!
    (so not too long now !!! imageimageimageimage .....)

    Size shouldnt be an twins growth slows down after the 30th or so week.....and wont be gaining as much weight as singletons anyway....
    so even at 37 weeks.....I wouldnt expect the babies will weigh more than 6-7lb's.

  • thanks for your replies girlies.

    i am just going to have a little word wiith midwife at my next appointment next week and mention the differece in scan notes to the consultant in 2 weeks. i am being monitored every 2 weeks so no complaints there, just feel they could come across alittle more caring. suppose it is like any job, they do it day in day out.


    "I cant sleep, eat a meal, suffering heartburn terribly all day, sickness, back pain, insomnia, anemia, exhaustion, V. veins, carpal tunnel & heaps more...
    Id give anything to make time go quickly !!! and have my body back...feel normal again....and have just 1 nights SLEEP !!!
    Biding my time is HARD.......esp. with no sympathy !!!"

    the above statement is brill, sounds alot like how i feel, esp the sleeping bit! he he. i would love for just one night to go to sleep at 10pm and not wake up until 7am! instead i am getting up every hour desperate for a wee!!

    oh the joys eh!

    but it will be alllll worth it when we get to meet our babies in the not so distant future.

    lots of love
  • hi

    hope your m/w is more helpful. i agree with id twins you dont want to go past 37 weeks (36+ is ideal) as the risk of TTS increases significantly in the last few weeks.

    if its any consolation generally id twins go into natural labour before 37 weeks any way as the placenta stops functioning as well and your body realises it and starts labour (the more i read up about our bodies the more amazed i am).

    Its fab you have got past 32 weeks, my consultant said that was the magic number.

    good luck

  • hi db how are you hun?

    how many weeks did you go to wiith your twins?

    yer all along i have been told 37 or less weeks and just from last app it all changed and now i know it must be because of the mistake the sonographer has made on scan notes!!

  • hi

    I had started labour at 32 weeks, they said that if it continued they would let me go as they felt after 32 weeks it was better to let nature take its course so i had steroid injections, but my body stopped naturally. then started contracting at 34+5 and was taken into hospital. Tried to give birth naturally but ended with em section at 35 weeks exactly.

    They were in Nicu for 3 days and then we stayed in for 2 weeks but a lot of that was because i wanted to breastfeed so they didnt gain weight as quickly as the m/ws wanted. they had problems with regulating there temp, and jaundice but no breathing problems which was really good.

    The choronisty makes such a difference, it makes sense that he thought that you could go to 39 weeks if you were having non-id. let me know how the next appointment goes, i cant believe you are getting so close to meeting them.

    xxDBxx 24+4
  • i cant believe you are 25 weeks nearlky that has flown by! only seems 2 mins ago you were posting your bfp!!

    i have had period pains all last night and today, but they seemed to have died down now. so will keep an eye on them! i am very paranoid now as know it could happpen any day! he he! cant wait to meet them,
    you take care hun and i will ket you know how app goes next week.
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