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12 Weeks today - scan tomorrow!!


I have requested a scan tomorrow at EPU. Can't wait but nervous - I just hope all is ok with the tow of them. looking forward to seeing how much they have grown since scan at 7 weeks.


  • Bet you cant wait just like me... Mines a week on wednesday 23/07.

    Can I ask why did you have to request when, is it not standard?
  • I can't wait but am nervous too. Living in Ireland it is not same as UK. All appointments are consultant/clinic based (no such thing has having a midwife here) and the area I live in is so busy at mo that its 16/18 weeks for first appointment. Due to my previous history of mc's I have asked my GP to refer me to EPU fro scan so i know that all is ok at 12 weeks (could not possibly wait till 16-18 weeks ??????)
  • Good luck mugwia - Please let us know how it goes...

    I wish mine was tomorrow!!! I know at 12 weeks things were ok, I started feeling them moving at 14+6, but haven't felt anything for the last week!!! Getting worried but can't tell anyone!!!

    Sara x
  • Sorry for being nosey mugwia, cant imagine having to wait that long, at least you dont know, let us know how it goes! x

  • Thank you Sara and Em (don't worry you not being nosey). Ah Sara how many weeks are you now - 14+6 was very early to feel them move -Its all terribly worrying isn't it? I have to be up at 7 but dreading going to sleep as last time before scan (at 7 weeks) I had negative dreams about the twins all night. Will let you know how I go - fingers crossed xx
  • Hi Mugwia - I am 17+3 now.. I'm thinking about getting a doppler, becomming paranoid!!!

    Any news from your scan???

    Sara x
  • sara, she posted in due in jan, it went fine.

    Em x

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  • Sorry, I posted a brief message on due in Jan while at work today and then gone sidetracked before I could post here:-

    Well all looking good so far. Twin 1 is 54mm and Twin 2 is 50mm - spot on for 12 weeks. Great to see how big they got since scan at 7 weeks. Twin 2 was really lively and Twin 1 a little more restful!!

    They think they are non id which is the inkling I would have to (because of the clomid)

    Great feeling to get to 12 weeks and see all ok (after 2 mc's and reading too much about vanishing twin syndrome !!!)

    Just hoping things continue to go well.
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