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Hope you dont mind me asking you know you bought the Jane Powertwin, did you get two car seats? which car seats did you get as I know there are two different ones ie Strata or Rebel. Also where did you get yours from and what sort of price did you pay. Also is it easy to lift into the car, and one final question what type of car do you have? Sorry so many questions. As you may remeber my little boy nearly one so may put him in front seat if needed and have one baby in sling. I 25 weeks, and have a huge bump, as you say all baby, gone from 67 kg to 72 kg so far, another scan next week as think they may be ID defiantely boys. Did you choose your names or is that a secret. Well done. Also you are using Aptamil arent you? How many cartons do you get through in a week. I use Aptamil with Luke and if need be will use with twins typical it the most expensive, but he been fine on it. Well done youxxxx


  • hiya!
    yes i have 2 car seats for my power jane twin pram... but i didn't know you can get different options. I bought mine from mother care and i think they only stock one style. they are easy to get in and out of the car. like all car seats they are a bit heavy... but i never did carry my last one around (idon't get that - how do people do it? they are so-oooo heavy!!!!)
    the seats cost ??100 each. but they are very easy to get in and out of car - and my twins were quite small but looked really comfy in them. I 'm really happy with what i have bought. i still need to get a buggy board for it though for my 2 year old.

    i have decided against having a sling as when the twins get too big for slings i will have to boot her out of the buggy -and i know she would have a big strop bless her! she is very opinionated - and a proper terrible 2 really. i think your little one will be more adaptable to change than my 2 year old! i would get the sling if i was you....

    i had a 2 door corsa before my bump hatched - but now have a 7 seater zafira... when we go out as a family we take our toddlers buggy too - and we can fit that in great. it feels very mad having so many children to get out of car seats soda! just you wait i stand outside the car giggling to myself - because i can't believe how many babies we have! and how many people stare at us! everyone asks you if you had IVF too!
    i think i may be walking a lot in the future though. it takes a long time to get all 5 of us in and out of the car. and i hope it will make me dead thin...ha ha ha !

    i'm still using aptimil, but both twins have colic... my daughter never had that. i was so lucky last time! we are getting through a carton a week at the moment. if the twins still have colic next week the hv said we should change to cow and gate comfort. Have you heard of this? i haven't... we have called our boy twin Ross. But the girl isn't called Rachel!(although he is named after the character from friends!). She is called Darcy. have you picked out names for your twins in advance?
    hope you are ok, lots of love

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