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I Need Help

I am 17, i have my first child by mistake at 14 when the dad was 17 i did not have an abortions as i told myself i never would. i am married to the dad and we have 3 children now but i am also 1 month pregant with the 4th we are both so excited.however people even my mum are saying i should i should have an abortion. Me and hubby live together in our own house and he has a good job. What should i do?????????????

Got worse to day as had first scan and having Twins what should i do. i know i want to keep them and so does hubby but people say they will not speak to me and reject me.

i am also in first year of A-Levels as at GCSE's got 5A*'s and 5A's

Please help


  • you need to do what you want to do. People should not be putting these thoughts into your head about your babies, You will be fine.;\)
  • Hey Pipsey, I have just read this message and I think its bloody outrageous that people are trying to tell you what to do! I has got nothing to do with them and everything to do with what you and your husband want to do. From where i am sitting it's hugely admirable that you are bringing up a family and in your 1st year of A-levels having scored fantastic GCSE grades! You are an inspiration to others that you can achieve things when you fall pregnant at a young age and quite frankly I'd tell your family to bog off!!!!
    Keep your chin up, and be happy
  • hi, i have to agree, its an outrage that people are saying to get rid of your babies or they will reject you, you have 3 wonderful children and another 2 on the way a husband who obviously loves you and doing fantastic in your education, at 17 years old you are amazing, and if anything these people who are meant to love you should be very proud of you, you have a lot to cope and are obviously are doing a great job, you have all the people that matter round you if the rest of them cant be happy for you then you dont need them. you do what you want dont listen to anyone else. good luck and take care.
  • You are amazing, almost to good to be true!

    Is that pic of you? where did you get married, looks like the beach behind you.

    Enjoy your babies, and your 10 GCSE's what does it matter what anyone else thinks? (ps have they changed the gcses or did you do an extra one i thought it was standard to do 9)?
  • you go with what you think is best and not what anyone is pressuring you into !!

    you have your own mind and tell people it is yours and your husbands decision and nobody elses !!

    hope all goes well and goodluck debs xx

    p.s. you are your own person xx
  • funny how she not come back to defend herself isn't it... on a serious note m daughter too 10GCSE this year and it is pretty standard now (still think pipsey a fake though)
    d x
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