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Anyone remember MISS KAYZ???

Hi ladies i am sorry to reveal this but....

I have been friends with one of the girls from here Miss Kay Z for several months as our girls were born just one day apart!! or so i thought.

As some of you will know Kaylie has had a really bad time of it with her first baby being born at 13 seond at 14 who was later adopted and then she had twin girls at 26 weeks following twin to twin, one of the twins subsequently "died" and Kaylie herself has been very poorly since the birth back on July 7th and they are yet to leave hospital!


I received a message on FB from a person that i had seen on Kaylie's wall before saying please contact me re: Kaylie which i duly did and what i heard was completely shocking, i have posted the link to this thread let me know if you cant see it and i will cut and paste the message.

The lady in question, Karen, said that she has been sending parcels to Kaylie, but Kaylie insisted they were sent to her friends house in Huddersfield and not to the hospital as the hospital didnt like it!! So she has been sending clothes for Blair and Paris and toiletries for Kaylie.

She wanted to go and visit Kaylie but she alwas put her off, so Karen was getting a little suspicious and telephoned the hospital where she was meant to be staying nd they had never heard of her or baby Blair!! Karen called her and she panicked and couldnt explain. Karen said she would drive down and sort it out and again she panicked and said no.

I feel like a complete mug, but worse than that is poor Karen and you ladies who have lost a baby or a child and she has completely taken you for granted and abused all of our trusts.

I am sorry to deliver this news but thought you would like to know, I have posted this on the other forums that she appears in too.


Sarah xx


  • I have seen her posts...

    the link doesn't work, it takes me to my fb page....
  • I have seen her posts and must admit I felt a bit nasty becuase to me something didnt ring true. she sounded very similar to another girl who joined her and a few other baby sites about 2 years ago (can't remember her name tho) she was apparantly pregnant with her 4th baby at about 15, all were planned and born on different family member birthdays and her 4th pregnancy was twins who were apparantly vbery premature and sick, she too was found out to be a fake, people like that are sick, to latch on to someone elses grief and lie to them to get their sympathy, she clearly needs help.
  • I am so shocked. I used to send her messages as I felt really sorry for her and at the time a friend of mine had just lost a baby. I also used to read her blog to make sure that she was alright. I had noticed recently that she hasn't posted on her blog for a few months and was worried that something had happened to her. So was any of it true?
  • Actually it has been revealed that a lot of what she said was true - see bereaved forum.
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