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20 week scan - all clear

Had our 20 week scan yesterday..... took over an hour but showed no problems!Got another one in 4weeks.

Same old nightmare experience at the hospital though - my consultant wasn't there and all the doctor I saw instead could tell me was 'ask Mr Lamont'. Even the smallest question couldn't be answered! Went to try to book an apointment with him for the same day as my next scan only to find out that he had booked me in for another appointment with him in two weeks and nobody had bothered to tell us! My husband is pissed off because he's away that week and want some reasurances before he goes, and the appointment is on the same day I'm supposed to be going back to work after summer hol's......

They couldn't even give me an outline of the care I can expect from now on - and I need to be able to give work some sort of idea of days I need off so that cover can be arranged - they also refused to give me a MAT B1 form, as they don;t normally issue them until 26 weeks, but again, I want to start my maternity leave at 29 weeks and work want 8 weeks official notice, and won't accept anything other than the MAT B1.........

Sorry about the rant! I'm really happy that the scan was ok, and they also told us that they think we're expecting 3 girls (which is great, apart form the fact that my husband works at a boys private school and gets great discounts on school fees!). Hopefully the 4D scan next week will confirm the sexes, but OH and dog are preparing themselves to be outnumbered!!!!!!!!!!


  • You guessed it.... Northwick Park! I actually managed to get to speak to Mr Lamont yesterday - He's been out of the country lecturing and at conferences apparently! After the my last appointment I felt so pissed off that I emailed his secretary with a load of things I needed to know but she was on holiday at the time. He'd booked me in for an appointment on 30th August, but I didn't want to have to wait that long, so I asked whether he could just reply to the queries I had. A few days ago the secretary replied saying that he was out of the country until 6th August and she would book me an appointment with him then! I got so upset that my husband called her straight away and got a telephone number for him. As I said, I managed to speak to him yesterday and have now found out that they will definately deliver the babies at 34 weeks if I haven't gone into labour by then, which gives me about 12 weeks to prepare myself!

    Now I have to call the hospital to make sure that I have got an appointment on the 6th and cancel my appointment on 30th because it's just going to be a waste of time, then I've got another scan on 13th, and who knows after that!

    All I wanted was for someone to tell me that my girls are all okay and that we'd be looked after properly! I just hope they get better care after they're born.

    Northwick Park antenatal clinic is just a cattle market, they herd you in and out in a really unpersonal manner - they don't seem to realise that just because they see the same old problems and questions week in week out, for some of us this is a new experience, and even with a single pregnancy new mothers might need a little reassurance, but for those of us going through the joys of a multiple pregnancy, the worries and issues are multiplied and magnified.

    I've actually been quite scared that I don't know what is happening to me, or what is going to happen - I just wanted someone to tell me that everything is okay and I'm pissed off that nobody has been able to give me the reassurance I need without me kicking up a fuss.

    On the plus side though, we had the 4d scan done and it was amazing - seemed to confirm 3 girls, all of whom are complete wrigglers!
  • I feel a lot better after talking to the consultant on the phone, even though he only gave me brief answers, at least now I have a definate date to look forward to and pretty much know what's going to happen and when.

    I've just ordered myself some natal hypnothrapy CD's to try to calm myself down about having C-section. When we firststarted trying to get pregnant, and when we first found out I really wanted a natural home birth, but of course, it wasn't an option once we knew about the triplets! Then I went through a phase of thinking that I could maybe try to haveone naturally, then have a C-section if the other two weren't in the right position, but if I'm going to go through that anyway I may as well make sure that they're all safe and have them all via C-section. The only bit I'm worried about is having the needle in my back for the epidural, but now that I know for definate it's happening I can prepare myself and opefully be calm on the day..... Now all I have to do is keep my little girls safe and well until I reach 34 weeks!

    I should be delivered around Nov. 20th - when are you expecting to deliver?
  • Sorry to high jack this convo and i really dont wish to be bleak but I wish someone had warned me this could happen. I was booked for c-section at 37 weeks but didnt get there going into natural labour at 34+4 I tried for natural labour with support of docs then all of a sudden boys started getting distressed and i developed pre-eclampsia (which is v common in multiple pregnancys) and had emergency c-section under general. anyway I wish id planned for this eventuality as it all happened so fast they didnt know my wishies. I wanted my dh to tell me what id had but some nurse did instead, i felt like i was cheated our moment as neither saw birth. sorry bit more to write but have to go boy just woken xx
  • Know what you mean about the sleepless nights.... I'm having to sleep almost sitting up because I get all clogged up and end up snoring which wakes both me and oh. Haven't had a full night sleep for weeks, these days I class a 'good' night sleep as only having woken up once or twice, but even then it takes ages to get back to sleep.
    Hubby has been away for a week, and now he's back he keeps getting 'wandering hands'! He's really sympathetic and great about how tired I am when he's awake, but subconciously he must be getting really frustrated because he keeps waking me up at night, even though he's actually asleep! I got really annoyed with him last night because he'd woken me twice and I couldn't get back to sleep, but this morning he was completely oblivious to it all!

    At least I can see a light at the end of the tunnel now! 11 weeks to go, providing I can keep my girls safe inside for that long!
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