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Sign the petition to get free or fairer prices on formula

ladies I started this petition is response to a thread about the continual increase in formula milk prices & also the lack or rights we mothers who are either unable or unwilling to breastfeed have in relation to collecting points on stage 1 milks or being provided with promotional money off or coupons on stage 1 milk to help beat the rising costs of formulas.

This is not a debate on the pros & cons of breastfeeding as I think we are all intelligent enough to know that breast feeding is the best choice but we are also all intelligent enough to know & accept that not all women can breastfeed & also not all women want to breastfeed. It is our right to chose but that then doesn't mean that we should be forced to pay what ever increases the manufaturers decide to put on a tin of formula.

It should not be acceptable that the manufactors of infant formula are allowed to increase milk prices in some cases by 10% without warning & that families are forced to pay these increases. It shoud therefore be capped or even provided for the first year free.

Milk is essential to our babies survival & not a luxury.

So, whether you are a breastfeeding or bottle feeding mum, please sign the petition & help your fellow mums & dads who sometimes have no choice but to formula feed thier babies & stop them being held ransom to anti bottle feeding groups & large corporations. image

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  • formula isn't free it may be if you are on a lot of benefits, this petition is about protesting the massive price increases that formula companies place on an essential item & that we as formula feeding parents are forced to pay.
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