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Hi Everyone

How glad am I to have found this. I have been a member since I found out I was pregnant, however I found out yesterday that I am expecting indentical twins! It was quite a shock, especially as I thought I had miscarried and the news was going to be bad. Cant quite get my head round it all. Have just been and brought a book.....although I am sure it can now all be answered by you guys!! I am 11+1 wks, so still have a way to go. They want to scan me every two weeks, is this normal for everyone?
Am really nervous as I live in a 2 bed terrace with hardly any room, lack of finances and my husband works away mon-Fri. How did everyone else react when they found out they were expecting more than 1? Love Debbie xxx


  • I was quite lucky and found out I was having triplets quite early on - I was only about 6 weeks when they definately confirmed it. I'm 25+2 now so I've had a while to get my head round it.

    It looks as though mine are all non-identical with seperate amniotic sacs and placenta's - there is still a chance two could be identical but the risks involved are minimised.

    Everybody's experiences seem to be different with scans, depending on the hospital you're at. I had two early scan at 5 and 6 weeks because I thought I was miscarrying, which is when they found out I was carrying 3. I didn't have another scan then until I was 13 weeks because the midwife didn't think I needed a dating scan because I'd had 2 early scans! I then went until 20 weeks and had an anomoly scan, and have been having scans every week or two since then to check the growth.
    I think they tend to do more regular scans on identicals because there are more risks involved if they share a sack and/or placenta so they keep a closer eye on them. I presume your twins share a placenta, and therefore they'll want to make sure that each baby is getting their fair share of the blood and nutrients.

    When I found out about the triplets I didn't really respond with shock - I'm quite a practical organised person, so I automatically went into organisation mode, making lists of what we'd need and thinking through all the routines, etc.
    I was in the same boat as you - went into hospital thinking I was miscarrying, I'd only known I was pregnant for a week or two, so when they told me there were definately two, possibly three babies, I felt more relief that I was still pregnant than anything else. At the time it looked as though the third baby wasn't developing, so we were preparing ourselves for twins, then I started to bleed, so went back to hospital thinking I was losing the third embryo, only to be scanned and shown 3 hearts beating merrily away! That was a bigger shock than finding out there was more than one, because I'd prepared myself for the loss!

    Anyway, hope I've been able to shed some light on your worries. Don't worry too much about things, what I've found is that things have a habit of sorting themselves out, or a solution comes along when you least expect it - being worried and stressed isn't going to make the pregnancy any easier, just relax and go with the flow!
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