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Hi, I am back ( re registered last night ) and thank you so much for your kind words. I just needed time to accept that I was no longer expecting twins and yet and still am - just one of my girls is already an angel.

The good news is that I am still expecting our remain twin ( 32 weeks yest ) and she is moving around lovely although shes a bit small.

Staff at Queen Charlottes were fantastic but have found my local hospital and doctors have struggled with knowing how to deal with us. To lose a twin to TTTS is actually quite unusual. My doctor hasnt experienced it and the hospital keep trying to pass me from one to the other.

It took 6 weeks to get to actually speak to someone about what happens with our dead baby when we give birth to Poppy - I couldnt sleep as I had no idea what was happening to her inside me.

Anyways, there have been some fantastic people I have been able to deal with since all this happened and we have made arrangements on how to deal with Eve when she is born. We are going to give the girls a joint blessing and then a private service for Eve. The midwife said they have a Joshua Box scheme where they try to take foot or hand prints and photos if appropriate. Because she has been dead for a while, although she was 6 months and a good weight at 1 and half pounds, we know that she will be discoloured and squashed but it was her that we saw when they were doing the fetal laser surgery. We saw her pink little arms and the hairs on them and the doctors showed us her face so we have seen her as a beautiful little baby - I cannot get those pictures from my mind and am thankful for those - I just wish I could have had them recorded.

Anyway, reading your message to me prompted me to rejoin. I have missed logging on and chatting with people and I know I have to move on. I know that we are so lucky to still have Poppy when we were given a 90%+ chance of losing them both pre surgery and a 50% chance afterwards.

Thanks again and I look forward to announcing the birth of my girl(s) very soon.

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  • I am so pleased to hear from you, so often you have been in my thoughts and i wondered how your little twin was doing. I am delighted to hear that Poppy is still fighting and can not wait to hear about her safe arrival. She will always be a twin and you always a twin mummy, its just you both will have someone guiding you from heaven.

    I think Eve is a lovely and fitting name and am so pleased that you got to see her looking beautiful, always remember her like that. You seem amazingly strong, and im glad that you have been able to talk to people about what will happen, I completely understand why you had to know and im glad they have prepared you as best they can.

    If you ever want to chat im here and your all in my prayers.

    take care

  • Hi Winelover... sorry to gatecrash on this message but couldn't not comment.

    I'm glad you have come back to the forum... you must be due in June like me as i'm now 31+2 weeks - did you ever post in the due in June forum as I recognise your username?

    Anyway.... just wanted to say - i'm so sorry to hear what has happened to Eve, I really admire you and your courage to keep going through this difficult time.

    We look forward to the safe arrival of Poppy and wanted to wish you all the best xx
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