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Few questions.....

Sorry for all the questions, but my midwife is clueless about twins.

Firstly, can I still breast feed twins? I'm not 100% sure I want to yet, but I would like to know if I have the option, and if so is it difficult??

Secondly, when did you start buying things for them? I said I wasn't going to buy anything till after xmas, but I've ust realised I'll be 30 weeks at xmas so that's maybe not the best idea.

And lastly, did you find out the sex? If so why?? We can't decide.

Thanks girls. xxxxxxx


  • I'm still pregnant with my twins but i fully intend to breastfeed as much as i can as i enjoyed it so much with my DD1 and the benifits for the baby is great.

    I do however fully expect it be more of a challenge this time so have been looking at recommended positions for feeding two at a time which is both babies in the "rugby" position or alternatively feeding one baby by breast and the other by formula and then swapping at the next feed. Doublebubble is the best twin mummy to ask i believe as she breastfed her twins for quite a while i believe??!!

    We started buying the big things pretty early so that we could have a good look round and spread the cost. Its upto you if you want to leave it till 30 weeks but i personally wouldn't, i'm 19+5 today and i'm already finding myself out of breath and sore wondering round shops for ages so it might be worth looking/buying before you get too big.

    Lastly.........we have found out the sexes but this is a personal choice. With our DD1 we didn't and loved the suprise, however this time we wanted to know and prepare our DD as she REALLY DOESN't want a brother! Secondly we wanted to be prepared as possible for clothes, decorating etc.

    Good luck hun.

    Lilac* 19+5, blue&pink twin bump
  • yes you can bf them both and you can do it at the same time,with mine they were 9wks early so was in SCBU so i expressed for 6wks,when they came out at 5wks i was fully intending to carry on but with a 2 year old i did find it very time consuming so regreatfully i stopped.

    we didnt really need to buy things for them as i had kept everything from daniel but after the 12wk mark then we started to get extra things like bouncy chair ect....

    and like lilac said finding out the sex is a personal choice,with me ive no paitence and i wanted to know if i was having a girl,was thrilled when i found out i was having one of each so of course that gave me the green light to go overboard with spending on girl clothes,loved it!! :lol:

  • hi

    breastfeeding one can be difficult and tbh its the learning how to bf rather than the actuallity of bfeeding twins that is hard.

    I bfed all feeds apart from the last one at night (they werent growing as m/w wanted so agreed to give them one bottle of formula a day)

    i fed till they were 8 months and it really was my proudest achievement. they were my first and i dont know if i cld have fed them if i already had a lo as it can be time consuming when they are having a growth spurt but id just watch telly and enjoy it.

    if you have any questions feel free to ask. you do need a good feeding pillow, i had two the E Z to nurse twins and a C shaped feeding pillow from mothercare.

    Regards buying stuff i was too scared. having m/c at 16 weeks wasnt willing to buy anything till 24 weeks and then didnt buy everything. had the cots but didnt put them up until the boys were born, got the first bits, moses baskets, blankets baby gros, but relied on my dh and mum to get the rest once they were born, had it all picked out just hadnt got it, but thats just me

  • I bought like mad after 12 wks, and prepared my self, I personally was just way too excited (my first babies and could not have waited, I also agree from 28 wks onwards shopping will be the last thing on your mind, and will be very hard to do!

    I also found out the sex, wanted to buy clothes and i was too impatient to wait!

    I did not breast feed, and tbh that choice was good for me. x
  • Thanks girls, how does anyone do motherhood or pregnancy without this website, haha.

    I think the m/c thing is what is scaring me, I had a still birth last year and bought like mad about 16 weeks gone and putting it all up in the loft was heartbreaking.

  • Hey hun,

    Ive already answered the question about buying things on fb, in that I bought things pretty much straight away and have everything now (mother in law gave us the moses baskets yesterday and that was the final thing we needed, other than bits for me).

    With regards to bf - I went to a bf class today and fully intend to do it. However, I am bracing myself for the fact that it may not be that easy (im on my own for a good 14 hours a day as hubby works and he wont even get the full paternity so I wont have much help). I havent found mw/drs/consultants all that helpful to be honest. I dont think they mean to but many of the ones I have spoken to have been very knowledgeable about babies, just not 2 at the same time, and this makes it difficult. The ladies today were very pro bf but found my questions about feeding 2 veryy difficult to answer so that doesnt instill much confidence - however, DB does! lol!

    We found out the sex of our boys as I found the idea of twins very difficult to cope with at first. Finding out they were identical made it even more difficult as id only ever wanted 2 children and now it was God given that they would be the same sex. I found things really hard for a while. I was SO glad I made the decision to find out as it wasnt until I found out (please dont shoot me - im being honest!) I realised how much I wanted girls! Im really looking forward to having boys now but it took time. Hubby was great and we bought a few bits to get me used to the idea. Everyone I know has girls so was a godsend to be able to get on here and talk about boys!

    Lots of love hun xxx
  • i found out the sex of my twins - as i had a 2 year old - and wanted to make her as prepared as possible!

    i did not breast feed as i had one twin who would not do it!
    he spent 24 hours in speacial care - drank 3 bottles and made up his mind that he was having his milk poured in!
    so that descion was out of my hands - but to be honest i don't think i could have breast fed with my other child around - and also i wanted to take lots of pain killers after my c-section!

    i bought all of my stuff early - and like those posting before me i think you will not be making it round the shops in the late stages...
    my bump was so big i couldn't get it behind the steering wheel in my car!

    have fun shopping - and sending you lots of luck!
    (my twins are non id / boy+girl/14 monthsold now!)

  • Hi. My boys are 4 weeks old today and I'm only b/feeding 50/50. I did feed both for 3 weeks but they were both demanding both sides every 2 hours and my milk just wasn't replaced quickly enough! Also my nipples were sooo sore and bleeding that I decided to stop,now I express enough milk for 2 feeds each a day and all other feeds are formula. To be honest they settle much better now as I just couldn't give them enough when breastfeeding.

    We didn't start buying until 30 weeks,and we had everything within a week then! I didn't deliver until 38 weeks though so had plenty of time!

    K xx mum 2 non id boys 4 weeks
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