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Can someone please help save my sanity?!

I have 1 yr old boy/girl twins who have just "disagreeing" with their current feeding regime! They are also starting to refuse their afternoon nap, making them super cranky and harder to feed.
Their current regime is: Bottle 7am
Weetbix with fruit 8am
Nap 10am-11:30am
Veg & meat puree, plus tub yoghurt 12pm
bottle 1pm
Nap 3:30pm-4:40pm
Meat & veg puree, and custard 5:30pm
Bottle and bed 7pm

Both are refusing their bottle, My son vomits at the sight of lumpy food,so he needs pureed food, while my daughter wants to feed herself although she is super slow and wont allow me to put food in her mouth. She constantly bangs herself back into the highchair too, which makes the whole eating thing even harder.
I guess I feel like I'm no longer in a comfort zone, and I'm worried that I'm not giving them what they need. Also, I get terribly frustrated and anxious when they don't want to eat anything.
Help!!! Does anyone have any better daily routines, especially for twins who have different dietary needs?

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  • cant really help as my twins are only 32wks but maybe its time to drop a bottle and cut one of there naps out,i cant really remember now when i cut a bottle and nap out of my sons routine cos he 2 years and 4 months but i know he used to refuse milk at 1 point and i used to get so anxious beyound belife,with the milk and nap i would just try and follow there lead,or try and cut there nap time down,iam sure you will get more response with twin mummies with older twins

  • my twins boy /girl too - and aged 14 months .....

    have one nap a day.
    (don't know if this makes a difference to eating habits though....?????)

    feeding goes:
    7am bottle
    8am breakfast - cheerios(without milk) / toast / banana
    10.30am another bottle (my girl twin may have half hour shut eye after this- sometimes it depends on her mood!)
    12 o'clock - LUNCH sandwhiches (different filling every day - eg:ham / primula cheese spread /cheese,etc) / chopped tomatoe / grapes chopped in half /
    1pm - a little sleep in the cots!
    3pm snack - maybe a rusk - some more fruit or a yoghurt.
    5pm evening meal
    7.30 - bottle teeth cleaning - and BED!!!!
    now the same as ours...

    most of this food is thrown from the high chairs to the (once) cream carpet - now sadly stained!!!!

    my daughter shovels all in herself as she totally refuses to be fed.
    this is very messy - but if i interfere she eats NOTHING - so now i let her do it! she also bangs herself backwards aginst the high chair! must be a girl thing!!!!

    my son will let me feed him - but i encourage him to do it himself...
    he likes to finish each meal with the empty bowl on his head.
    nearly all the food is on his lap! oh the joys of babies!

    do you think your tins may want more finger foods?
    i don't know hun - just suggesting.
    sometimes even if they don't do lump baby's will do finger foods won't they?
    mine started with banana - as they liked this purreed....

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