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Can anyone help?

Hi all, I normally hang around in IVF as I have a daughter of 9 months and are hoping for a second child but I've come on here today as my best friend is pregnant through IUI and had a scan today, she has just found out she is 9 weeks pregnant with quads. Although I am over the moon for her I am also really scared for her as I know multiple pregnancies are high risk and quads is very high risk. She had a miscarrige last time where she was only carrying one baby and has been ttc for 2 yrs now and this is the outcome.
Has anyone else had quads on here? Her job is really stressful and I have already told her she has to take it easy. I do so hope everything will be ok with her and her babies. Can anyone help?


  • Wow, congratulations to your friend!

    The only experience I have of quads is that there were a set in SCBU at the same time as the girls.

    They were born at 30 weeks at quite good weights for their gestation (all 3lbs something) and spent 6 weeks in SCBU I think. However, their mum had been on bedrest in hospital since she was 24 weeks (which I think is quite normal for a high order multiple pregnancy).

    They're all doing great and their mum manages pretty much on her own most of the time. She always comes to our SCBU reunions on her own with them and just copes in the same way as other mums of multiples do.

    When they were tiny, she used a triplet lay-flat pram and top and tailed them in it as they were so small. Now they are bigger, she has a quad buggy (which she had to order from the US) that is like a normal double with 2 extra seats on top.

    Good luck to your friend for a happy and healthy pregnancy x
  • Thanks for replying I will pass on all this info to my friend, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for her that everything goes ok, pregnancy is stressful enough so I cannot imagine how she is feeling. Its really great to hear a success story as the hospital have already been onto her to consider terminating two to allow for a better chance for the others but it looks like her and her hubby aren't considering this, they just want nature to decide.
    Thanks also for the reccommendation about the pram thats really useful we were only tonight commenting on how she would do it!
    If you all don't mind I would like to keep you posted on her story just in case someone in the future needs advice that you know.
    Hope you're all well with your LO's and pregnancies.
    Rhian x
  • I think selective reduction is a pretty standard discussion that most consultants will have if someone is expecting more than 2 babies. It doesn't mean it's the best, or least risky, course of action though.
    We were offered it, even though I was only pregnant with twins, but we declined and now have 2 happy and healthy 11 month old girls
    I'd love for you to keep us posted x
  • Ive never had experience of quads but my friend has 6 week old triplets and they were born at 30 weeks which sounds really early but for multiple pregnancy thats not bad image 2 of them were home after 2 weeks the 3rd was a little weaker and came home at 5 weeks but there all fine now shes tired but she wuldnt have it any other way!! Please do keep us posted and good luck TTC image xxxx
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