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How time flies

Hey all
I can NOT believe my girls will be one in a couple of weeks! I remember this time last year lol i was sick of being pregnant and feeling crappy haha! Just wanted them out their 1st birthday was a distant future thought but it has arrived so quickly they change and Develop so much and i love their mad antics lol! image
Wondering though do i start and dress them diff yet are they old enough now to get individuality etc...when do i separate them on a night they sleep in a duo cot has a railing between them but can be seperated but dunno when or how to do it lol!
How much fuss do you make on their 1st birthday? I dont wanna overwhelm them ya know! What did/are you planning on doing lol!


  • My girls are 10months, so were not quite there yet, but fast approaching! Regards the cot thing, mine have had their own cot from about 3 months old, but same room, so cant be much help, but do you need to do it re: are they out-growing the space now? if their happy, why change anything until you have to?! And for the 1st, i am planning a tea party at home for the family and friends! x
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