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holiday abroad with 4 month old twins

Hi all,

My id twin boys are due in 5 weeks tima and we are going to book a holiday to spain very shortly for August. Just wondering if any of you have travelled abroad with your twins at a similar age and what it was like? Any advice would be much appreciated.

Thanks, B x


  • were getting married in the seychells in aug' but the twins will be 18months and daniel will be 3 years and 4 months,so if its after that,then i will let you know :lol:

  • Personally I think you are bonkers - I could never have coped with travelling with two 4 months old abroad!!! I was still breastfeeding every 3 hours and that with the constant tiredness, reflux issues meant a holiday would never have been a holiday for me.

    I love my twins and it is only now at 10 months old I would even begin to consider travelling abroad. Admittedly we are all different but having twins is the most rewarding thing ever but also the most tiring and no matter how much you prepare (and buying everything is so much fun) it is not until you have two little people to put into all the lovely things that you realise you had no idea what you had let yourself in for.

    An honest opinion (if not exactly what you want to hear).

    Mrs WB (Mum to Joshua and Sophie aged 10 months)
  • Weve just taken our almost 5 month old twins down to Kent for a week (staying in a self catering cottage and travelling down in the car) and we both commented on how we dont think we could ever take them abroad!!

    Again, probably not what you want to hear but we have a Renault Scenic and the twins are our only children and we only just fit everything in! We stopped twice on the way down (normally a 3 - 3.5 hour journey) as the boys needed some reassurance. They didnt just sleep like I thought they would! lol!

    I would agree with MrsWB - You never really know what you are letting yourself in for until they are here - I would wait until you know what twins entail before thinking about booking - but thats just me and you might be braver than I am! lol!

    Gemma, Ryan and Alfie (20 + 6)
  • I have to say, I love my holidays, especially abroad, but I could never have managed taking the girls away last year.

    We went away for the weekend in the UK just before Christmas (the girls were 7 months) and it was fine but the amount of stuff we needed was ridiculous! Double buggy, 2 travel cots, nappies, sleeping stuff (even sleeping bags are bulky), their food. We were packed to the rafters and only took essentials. I'm naturally quite an organised person so had no issues with the packing but it took some planning!

    I could take them abroad now but they have 3 proper meals and only 2 milk feeds so our routine is much more flexible.

    Obviously everyone is different and you may find you feel really comfortable taking them but my advice would be to wait until they're here and maybe book something last minute. You'll then have a better idea of what their personalities are like, how you're getting on with feeding routines etc. and whether you feel that the effort it takes to pack for going away with 2 small babies is really worth it (sorry but it's a mammoth task!)

  • Go for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I took the girls on holiday for 2 WEEKS to Cyprus at 3 months old, and it was fine!!

    I am also going to Ibiza in May for another 2 weeks, and this time the girls will be 16 months!!

    What questions do you have?? Fire away!

    We went to a great hotel (family one), hired a Avent steriliser there, girls slept in nice Mothercare cots etc. Staff were fab!

    Main tips are... Take all your own nappies, unless you want to pay about ??20 a pack for pampers abroad! I took my own cot sheets too, and they travelled on the plane in a sleepsuit, and slept all the way, I fed them their milk on take-off and landing to regulate their ears!!

    Em, x
  • Hi all,
    Thanks for all your replies. Well it's all booked - Majorca in a hotel (half board) for 7 nights at beginning of August. We decided to give it a go. Lots of my friends have been away with 1 baby this age so thought why not! Hotel is providing 2 cots and a steriliser and was going to take own sheets just like Em. We flying with thomson and get 10kg allowance per baby as well as our own 20 kg each plus 5kg hand luggage. Gonna buy 2 cheap single pushchairs and even leave them there if we don't want to bring them back. Thanks for advice about regulating ears - had read that somewhere else too.
    Will let you know how it goes...
    B x
  • B - My hotel loaned me 2 single pushchairs while I was there, I'd try and check, will save you time and money, it was also Thomsons If its got a kids club/creche, i'd say they'd have strollers....

    Also we got the extra luggage allowance last time (very useful for all nappies/formula we took). x
  • i cannot wait to hear about this holiday! you are braver then me!

    i have 4 year old and twins one and a half.
    we are going on hols to wales - so we can come back if it all gets too much!!!

    how pessamistic are we???? !

    it the 1st holday we have took the twins on - and the longest car journey!

  • i took my twin girls to spain when they was 6 months they was great ..we are thinking of going away again in september they are now 15months and fully walking im abit worried about the milk situation i really hope they settle why were away x

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