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one twin loves finger foods, other doesn't

My girls are coming up 1 (next month). They are both eating well, although they're still not great at lumpy food - it has to be fairly smooth still. Grace loves finger foods & I'm trying her on a variety of things. Elizabeth however, used to eat them but now won't at all. She just clamps her mouth shut when I try to get her to eatsome. Any thoughts or advice?
Elizabeth is a bit smaller than Grace - they were both prem & still catching up I guess. Maybe she just needs a bit longer to get used to the finger food.



  • As soon as i saw your post i thought i wonder if its twin 2/smaller twin.

    My boys are 2 end of month and even now the smaller 1 is slightly behind when it comes to eating, it took a long time to get him to eat finger food, i just offered a selection as well as his usual food and didnt make a fuss or comment, if he tried it i gave gentle encouragement and eventually he cld manage it.

    good luck with it

    xxDBxx ps cant believe they are nearly 1!)
  • Thanks DB.
    Yes, nearly one - I can't believe how quick this year has gone! They're at a lovely stage now - starting to commado-crawl & say 'ma-ma'.

    I think it's slowly does it with Elizabeth. She did actually take a minute amount of cheese yesterday, so hopefully she'll take more as time goes on.

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