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Vitamins/Folic Acid - Double or not?

Twin mummies or twin pregnancy's please help?

Should I be taking a double dosage of folic acid and vitamins?

Emma 8+1


  • No along as you are taking you folic acid as normal. I actually take pregnacare and a folic acid so am getting a little extra!
  • I take a similar thing to pregnacare that contains folic acid, but im guessing its ok to take the folic acid aswell then...?
  • The reason I take the folic acid too in addition to Pregnacare is because my GP had previously prescribed me a higher dose of folic acid (this was when trying to conceive due to previous problems and not cos of twins) - rather then get higher dose I just take the way I am. But I honestly think you are fine on just the supplement.
  • My midwife did up my does of folic acid when i was pregnant with twins from 4 to 5
  • i only took folic acid and my twins were big.
    i hate taking tablets though!
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