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Having Triplets!!

Hello everyone its been along time since i have logged on here ..the last time i did as a matter of fact was when i was 6 wks pregnant and found out i was having twins. NOW i am 28 wks pregnant and discovered about 8 wks ago when i went to find out the genders that one of our little angels was hiding evidently behind one of her sisteres!! WE WERE SHOCKED to say the least..but we are so happy ...i have now been on bed rest for this is my 4th taking it easy and just hoping to carry the girls as long as possible...I was just hoping to hear from someone who either has or is expecting triplets!! i know no one that has triplets so i would like to ask many questions lol


  • Oh hun...congratulations!

    Ive been wondering about you ever since you posted to say you were expecting twins. Then you disappeared and I have always wondered whether everything was going well.

    I cant answer your questions but want to wish you all the luck in the world and send my sincerest congratultions. What a blessing!!

    Gemma, Ryan and Alfie 18 + 1
  • conratulations on triplets,bet your over the moon,iam gonna be no help with the triplets questions as i have twins and a toddler image

  • Thanks So much Girls!! Yes i am most definatly WAY OVER THE MOON and so is my husband as these are our first children!! I cant wait for them to get here...they should probably arrive between 4-6 weeks from now so not to much longer...just praying for a healthy safe will be c section which is a little scary to me but i know it will be ok!!
  • Hiya, i'm not pregnant myself yet, however my sisters friend had triplets (2 girls and a boy)

    Congratulations to you xxx
  • oh my god!
    i have twins and a little girl - but not triplets!

    good luck with your c section - i had one with my twins and it was scarey - as a thought - but ok in practise!!!!

    my section was emergency - and my best mate had an elective - she found it all really calm etc!!!

  • i think there is a lady in due in july or june who is possibly having triplets!!!

  • Hi

    I am 21 weeks pregnant with triplets and have just finished work. I feel so blessed - these are our first children and i really hope to get them to 34 weeks +.

    It is so exciting but also really scary - any advice you can give will be much appreciated!!

    S x
  • Squibly: Congrats to you on your triplets as well...if u dont mind me asking was urs naturally concieved or did you have any fertility treatments?? I concieved while on clomid very early on.....Do u know if you are having boys or girls or both?? I am just so excited to talk to someone else that is having triplets.... Have the doctors put you on bedrest yet?? I have been on bedrest now for about 5 wks and am currently 29 wks,,,,,,MY BIGGEST ADVICE TO U is REST REST REST dont over do it even tho u may feel fine and like u can do whatever just dont lol... My email address is [email protected] if you want to email may be easier to talk that way if you want to bc i dont get on here really often
  • Wow big congrats!! I've only got twins so can't offer advice on tripplets but hope the rest of your pregnancy is healthy and happy image You will need all the rest you can get I can imagine! xx
  • Congrats to both of you on your triple pregnancies image Hard work i can imagine i was knackered with the twins lol image Rest yourselves now before sleep becomes a luxury haha image Sorry cant answer triplet related questions but wishing you all the luck in the world. Im pooping ma pants cuz my girls will be 21mnths when i have my next one lol.
    Love Eve, Ella, Ruby (14mnths) & Tiny bambino (6weeks) x
  • Hi there

    I conceived my triplets through clomid as well!! I had follicle tracking and i was told i had two dominant follicles - i had a 7 week scan where i was told twins and when i went back for my 12 week scan another one had appeared!! Amazing!!

    We don't know what sex the babies are - they are all fraternal and have their own placentas which means we could get a mixture which would be a blessing.

    I have given up work this week, my consultant has been reluctant to put me on official bedrest but i have reached the stage where i am so tired it's bascially all i do anyway!!

    The babies have recently (ie last few days) started kicking and wriggling around so that i can feel it and it is an amazing experience - i am looking forward to getting further along and seeing arms and legs poking about.

    I am scanned every 2weeks and at my last scan two of the babies were bigger than average and one was average which was good - the hospital staff are really pleased with how they are growing and i really hope this continues.

    If all goes to plan i will have a c-section at 34 weeks, which is mid May and although seems like a lifetime away i am sure it will get here before i know it!!

    S x
  • congrats to u both cant really help as i'v got a preschooler, a toddler n a set of 3wk old twin boys. am still tryin to get my head roun everythin as dere is so much chaos in the house as they were a miracolous suprise but neway wish u guys al d best n keep us updated
  • hi i am 20 years old and am pregnant again with tripplets i am 30 weeks and have eighteenmonth old tripplet boys i am struggalin to do everything my husband is at work during the day where i am at home and struggalin to look after ma boys as my bellly keeps getting in the way we have no family as they disowned us and want nothing to do with us our freinds dont want to help look after kids that young what should we do plz help

  • Hi dear I m also 21st week pregnant with triplets 

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