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So thirsty!!

(also posted in pregnancy forum)

Sorry if this seems a silly question
but is being so thirsty anything to worry about?
i get that thirsty i cant go anywhere with out a drink with me and i even wake up in the night needing a drink!
just curious to whether its normal or something to worry about

12+6 Non Id twins


  • Have replied in pregnancy hun but I was like that too and still am

  • Hi
    I am 32weeks and am always thristy too. I get through so much squash and milk. I find it harder when we are out as the variety of non alcoholic drinks alwyas seem limited to fizzy stuff ( which I hate ) or J20's. I now take drink with me.
    I did wonder if it was ok too but my check ups have been fine so far lately so just entrust that it's 'one of those things'. Perhaps its better to be thirsty than hungry - not too muchweight piling on !! LOL!
    take care,
  • This is something i'm not really suffering from! Plus as the babies squash my stomach i'm loosing my appetite a bit....

    I'd just keep drinking hun - if your body is saying i'm thirsty it must still need more hydration! They say we have cravings for a reason - think it's the same thing! xx
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