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Hi ladies,

My name is Amber and i found out a couple of days ago that i am due to have twins.
Me and my other half were exstatic as we have been trying for 5 years with lots of disappointments.

I just came into this forum to see if anyone could tell me what to expect, their experiences. Can you give birth to twins naturally? I was told that they are usually born before the EDD, has anyone had their twins on or after that EDD.

What were your symptoms like? Were they worse due to having twins?

Sorry for the questions but i'm really curious and i don't know anyone who has had more then 1.


Amber x


  • Congratulations on your double blessing!!

    We tried for 2yrs to get PG and had help in the end so i know how estatic u must feel!!

    I can't help with the birth bit as not that far yet, but there are a few twin mummies on here. However u can give birth naturally twins, this is my intention providing you have no complications, it can be early- i'm being induced at 37/38 weeks, which is term for twins. Your consultant will discuss this with u.

    As for my symtoms i had really bad morning sickness (did have this in a singleton PG too) that started at 6 weeks and a bump from around 8 weeks...nothing else really but have found that things seem to have started earlier than last time ie heartburn, pelvic pain.

    Good luck in ur pg, u'll be surprised how many "twins" will come out of the woodwork now, everyone "knows" a friend of a friend who had twins blah, blah!

    Lilac* 21+2 twin bump
  • Congratulations on finding out you are having twins. I also know noone who has had/ is having twins so this site became a mine of information. I have also done lots of my own research and set up a group on fb for twin mummies to share their experiences!! Not that I have nothing to do all day! lol!!

    In terms of birthing twins and EDD - this depends on whether your twins are identical or non identical. Lilac is having non identical twins and therefore her pregnancy and birth should be fairly straight forward in that she is having 2 pregnancies at the same time (I hope you know what I mean lilac!) Some non-id twins have gone as far as 37/38 weeks and, although you are monitored, there are far less complications and you are seen roughly every 3-4 weeks.

    Mine are identical twins and share a placenta. This makes things a little more complicated in terms of birth (although symptom and pg wise there is little difference). I am seen and scanned every 2 weeks to check for a complication called TTTS which is where one twin is nourished at the expense of the other one. This can only develop in twins that share a placenta. My consultant has booked me in for a section at 36 weeks and it is very unlikely I will labour naturally due to the risks associated with TTTS developing in labour (which can be very dangerous). Natural labour was an option (be is a small one) until last week when I was told that twin 2 is now breach - now it is not possible!

    In terms of symptoms, this is my first pg so I have nothing to compare with. I was very poorly and lost lots of weight at the beginning. Even now, you wouldnt know I was carrying twins as I am quite small.

    Anyway, ive rambled, as usual. Any questions, feel free to ask and congratulations xxx

    Gemma and Double Blue Bump 30 + 2
  • Hi ladies,

    Thank you so much for your replys, they have really helped.
    I'm expecting non identical twins, i have already had my first scan but i am due to have another on Tuesday just for them to do some measurements and check some things out. On my last scan they did find another sack but it was empty and alot smaller then the other 2 sacks with a baby inside, they said that it could have been another fetus but it only looked to be about 4 weeks old so shouldn't been anything to worry about.

    I have had quite a bit of sickness start up these past 3-4 days and i haven't been able to eat much at a time. My bump is pretty noticeable now. I don't really know how big i'll get but i've been advised to use bio-oil daily as it's meant to be good for stretch marks, i'm not to worried about this though as thing is something i have been wanting for a long long time.

    I'm glad i have met a couple of people on here expecting twins, it's to know i have someone to talk to.

    I will update you about my scan.

    Hope you're both getting on ok.

    Amber x
  • i found out i was having twins when i was 7wks pregnant due to bleeding,we were also over the moon,my first pregnancy i had every symptom going and on my second pregnancy (twins) i had nothing,i only went to 31wks and jack and charlotte stayed in scbu for 5wks,they were both over 4lb when they were born so they were really quite big for how early they were and yes i gave birth naturaly,there now 32wks and there doing so well and you would never in a million years thought they were 9wks early
    congratulations on your pregnancy,

  • YEY..another id twin mummy!! There arent many!!

    Im having identical boys. In terms of the boys ive had a relatively easy pg. Theyre growing well and they arent showing any problems. I havent been quite so lucky but I think its partly to do with how im carrying as im small (as I said, you wouldnt know I was carrying 2) but theyre not so they are shoved into places they shouldnt be!

    It is worth doing a bit of research as ive found, as has another id twin mummy I speak to on here, that not all consultants know much about id twins. You should be seen every 2/3 weeks from 16 weeks, including a scan each time to check for any signs of TTTS. You may have the option of delivering naturally, you may not. That seems to depend on hospitals. I have chosen not to as, from what I have read and researched, there are lots of risks involved and id rather not, although I was told by one of my consultants that I could go naturally if I chose. Now twin 2 is breach, I dont have that choice anyway.

    My section is booked for 36 + 3 but I have been told that I may not get that far.

    Any questions, dont hesitate to ask. I do love talking about it (in case you hadnt noticed!!)
  • Hi ladies,

    Thank you so much for your replies.

    I must say that my bump has grown so much over these past coupleof days. I'm going to work tomorrow and i'm going to have to tell my boss now as it's pretty obvious.

    I have my next scan on Tues to check things as i haven't been successful with pregnancies in the past, i'm excited and nervous again but can't wait to see them again.

    Fallen Angel - Congratulations, how are things going with the twins? Are yours identical or Non?

    Amber x
  • Congratulations on your twin pregnancy!

    My ID twin girls are 15 weeks old and were born at 32+2 by c-section due to a size discordance between the two. TTTS was not diagnosed but looks like it was about to kick in. My girls were in SCBU for 5 weeks but are now doing great.

    I found out I was having twins at 7 weeks when I went for a private scan to confirm whether I was pregnant. I had minimal symptoms, no sickness, so didn't quite believe it till I saw them on the screen! xx
  • there non id' cos there a boy and girl :lol: you only get the same sex identical twins,i never knew this before i had twins :lol: they are doing great thank you,there so big and they love there food,heres some pics of them and there big brother

  • Morning,

    Awww, glad your twins are getting on well. I'm looking forward to seening mine even though i'm only in the early teens. I have my 2nd scan this morning at 9 so hopefully be able to find out a bit more when they're due.

    Speak soon.

    Amber x
  • Firstly congrats!

    Yes you can have twins naturally - well I was induced but delivered them both at 38 weeks with no complications - just pain relief that didn't work! :lol:

    My girls are 10 weeks now and doing great!

    Symptoms unfortunately for me yes - not twice as bad more like 10 times as bad! More sickness and aches but don't wanna put you off! It's worth it honestly! and everyone is different anyway!

    Feel free to email me and i'll add you on Facebook so you can have a nose at my pics?! We also have a twin mummy group on FB....

  • congratulations about your twins!!

    must have been a shock at fisrt, my NI twin boys are now 24 weeks, they arrived 6 weeks early by emergency CS due to complications as my waters broke. hosp left me 5 days and i eventually got a bad womb infection, when born they where diagnosed with TTTS which is very rare in NI twins especially as they told me they didnt share a placenta and their wasnt a big difference in size (4lb and 4lb 6) i wasnt ready at all, i thought that i'd go till 37-38 weeks. glad the decision was taken away about natural birth in the end as one was head down and the other was transverse and again hosp pushing for me to have natural del and 'turn' twin 2 once T1 was out..... no thank you!! natural birth then only a 50-50 chance of turning T2 and then having to have a CS anyway!!
    nyway my early moans where all about sore breasts and i mean really sore. as things progressed indigestion and not being able to eat after about 7 at night. later on i got carpel tunnel in my fingers but otherwise had a really good pregnancy, my advice is dont look at the pictures on the internet as to how big some people get its not that bad, i worked up until 31 weeks i was about as big as a full termer with 1 at 32 weeks but all copeable, oh another bit of advice is pack your hosp bag early and be prepared maybe for a stay in hosp, 1 in 4 twins are born before 34 weeks which means a stay in SCBU like mine. try to arrange a visit to your local SCBU unit before they are born we did this and it realy helped.

    i'm just stressing about one of mine not wanting to drink milk now but youve got that all to come,
    its lovely though, (find out if there is a twins group for when they are born in your local community, i really enjoy going cos you can talk to other mums who know what you are going through)

    all the best
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