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Hello I'm Anna. I am in the due in March 2010 group at the moment. I am wondering if any of you may have any advice/opinions for me?

I am nearly 11 weeks pregnant with my second baby. However, people keep asking me if I am sure I'm not having twins. Firstly, no i'm not sure as I havent had a scan yet lol But they keep asking me this as i look about 16 weeks pregnant. Also I have been off work for 5 weeks with really severe early pregnancy symptoms. They started at only 4 weeks pregnant and by 6 weeks I just couldnt do anything as I felt so ill. I did suffer quite badly when pregnant with my little girl but this is twice as bad.

Do any of you think its possible that i could be having twins or am I just unfortunate with illness in pregnancy.

Thank you for reading this and hope you are all getting on well with your pregnancies.



  • Hi,it could be either! I found my sickness/tiredness worse with the twins and I had a teeny bump by 8 weeks but some ladies have no symptoms! A scan is the only way i'm afraid lol

    K mum to twin boys 4 weeks xx
  • I agree with sf (hi hunny!)

    This is my first pg so I have nothing to compare with but my sickness started at 6 weeks and lasted until 18 weeks (and is now back at 30 weeks unfortunately!)

    As for size, I didnt really show at all until 18 weeks, although I lost a lot of weight with sickness. Even now, im not much bigger than a normal pg at my gestation and from behind you wouldnt know I was pg!!

    A scan is the only sure fire way. You do tend to show earlier with subsequent pg's. Do you have your scan booked? I mentioned my symptoms to my mw and she felt my tummy at 8 weeks and asked if we were sure it wasnt twins!! We laughed this off as we didnt think this was poss - turns out id twins can happen to anyone and we were one of the lucky few!!

    Gemma and Double Blue Bump 30 + 1
  • my first pregnancy (singleton) i had every symptom going,my second pregnancy (twins) i had no symptoms what so ever,i did start showing about 8wks but you do show quicker with second pregnancies + i had to have a early scan at 7wks due to bleeding and thats when i found out i was having twins,so the answer is you could or couldnt be having twins like the others said your only gonna know when you have your scan :lol:

  • Have to agree with SF, my first singleton PG i had awful morning sickness and have had the same this time round. I did have a bump from around 8 weeks but didn't find out we were expecting twins till an 11 week scan. I had wondered whether i could be twins but just thought as it was mt second i was showing quicker.

    Lilac* 21+2 twin bump
  • Hi

    Thank you for your replies. I know this was a silly post reallyimage Its just people were going on at me all the time saying its got to be twins. I got a little bit excited and wanted to find out like yesterday lol I actually don't think it will be 2 babies though. Will find out for sure on friday thoughimage

    Anna XXXX
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