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Premature twins - what do I need? UPDATE

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Hi Ladies

Just looking for a bit of advice.
One of my twins has a growth restriction so they will definitely be coming early. Our aim is to get them to 30 weeks but it is very likely they will need to be delivered at 28 weeks. Aside from the worry (and trying to keep them growing for another 5-7 weeks), I have a practical question;

What do I need to take for them?

With them being so early, they will definitely be in Special Care so do I just need to buy teeny tiny nappies and hats? Or do I need to try and get really small sized vests and sleepsuits too? Or will they provide everything until they are getting ready to come home?



Just thought I would thank you again for your replies and give you a quick update.

Despite the warnings from the consultant that we may not make it to 28 weeks and even then, may need to deliver them, we are still hanging on!!

Both babies are still growing although one is now 35% smaller than the other and we are storming towards 32 weeks which is the latest they will let me go. I'm so happy with that, a lot less scary and it means they should be well over 2lb and 3lb each when born.
I also had a consultants appt yesterday and asked to visit Special Care so a lovely midwife took us round. I asked all my questions and feel much more reassured now we've been. The staff seem brilliant and very caring and understanding which is lovely. I've discovered I don't need any nappies or clothes for them initially but am going to take some anyway just in case. She also went through my birth plan with me and answered all my questions.

So, 3 weeks to go, probably a very tough May to come but then we should hopefully have 2 healthy babies at home. Fingers crossed!

Thanks for all your support


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  • hello,my twins were 9wks early and was in the incubator for a few weeks,while they were in there they didnt dress them for a few days so they could keep a better eye on them,when they progressed they put clothes on them,the hospital did warn us that if they had any accidents they normaly scoop everything up and put it in the wash basket so they couldnt promise us that we would get our clothes back and told us to write there names in,if you do want to put them in clothes i would get a small size,while they were in the incubators they provided the nappies but once they were moved to a cot we had to provide them,i guess it all depends on the hospital,mine were in hospital for 5wks
    good luck hun iam sure everything will be ok

  • Hey im sorry to hear things arnt going as planned and wish you and your babies the best of luck getting to 30 weeks.

    tbh it depends on your hospital, i delived in a different hosp as mine didnt have the space and they were fab and provided everything, then got transfered back to my hosp and they provided nothing. ask your hosp to have a look round NICU and they can tell you what you will need.

    However see if you can get hold of vests that popper rather than go over head, it makes it so much easier with all the wires etc i think Boots do a range for premie in hospital babies.

    best of luck

  • Ah hon sorry to hear things aren't going very well, fingers crossed for you.

    1. Make sure you have plenty of nappies, i found that the best prem nappies were Pampers and Boots own, whilst my girls were in SCBU we went through 96 nappies every 3 DAYS!!

    2. If only i had known this two days ago, i just gave all prem clothes to charity!! Else i would have posted them up to you. TEsco's do a fab prem ranger and its really cheap as do Mothercare but obviously a bit dearer.

    3. You will also need lots of cotton wool as they dont allow you to use baby wipes.

    urgh cant think of anything else hon but hope all goes well, like DB said get i touch with SCBU/NICU and ask if you can have a look round before babies arrive so you can get an idea what its going to be like so its not a shock on the day.

    Good luck and take care

    Sarah xx
  • Thank you all for your advice.

    We are trying to take each week as it comes and just hope I can get to 30 weeks without the little one stopping growing or even worse. However, I am naturally quite organised so am finding the unknown of all of this a bit scary and hard to plan for so all your tips are great.

    Sarah. Wow - 96 nappies! I've bought 4 packs and can always send hubby out for more once they are here. Thanks also for your kind offer of the clothes. I will definitely have a look in Tesco next time I am there. I did have a quick look on Mothercare yesterday for prem baby clothes but couldn't find any unisex ones - all pink and blue! I will have another proper look today though.

  • my bys were born at 31weeks weighing 4lb and 3lb15 oz they are now 24 weeks or 15 weeks corrected and doing well. There were in for 5weeks we needed to provide just nappies and cotton wool, once they were out of neonatal, we just used hospital clothes. Think when in neonatal they provided nappies. That is the room where they in an incubator. fortuantley my boys were not in long just a few days and only needed uv twice, some oxygen and caffine. one baby was born normal and one was section. Good luck hope you get on Ok fingers crossed they will be fine.
  • Meant to say to got clothes off my HV as people had donated and some stuff of febay, my boy still in 0-3 months stuff but i had lots given by a friend who had a prem baby.

    Max and Milo 24 weeks (15) and Luke 18 months
  • hunny our scbu supply everythin if the baby is under s certain weigh sure it was 4lbs were i am,
  • oh i am delighted for you, 32 weeks is a massive difference i really hope you get there, will be thinking and praying for you and keep us updated


  • excellent news!!!! mine were born at 31wks and now there 14wks you would never know they were that early,that would be a good weight if they are 2+3lb mine were just over 4lb
    keep us posted and good luck

  • Fab news hun, fingers crossed for you, just to be nosey lol are you carrying id or non id?? xx
  • They are MCDA so ID but we are keeping their sex a surprise image
    Had another growth scan yesterday and one is already 3lb 7, the other is 2lb 2 and they have another 3 weeks of growing time before they need to be born so we are doing OK
  • They are doing really well then hun, mine were 3lb11 and 3lb14 when they were born at 33+4 so keep up the good work babies.

    You are so good not finding out i was far too impatient lol xx
  • Hi
    I had exactly the same question when I knew my twins were coming early. They were MCMA so had to be delivered early - at 32 weeks.
    The staff are right that initially you don't need to worry about clothes/nappies. If they are that early, they will be in the incubator with just a nappy on. Mine didn't start wearing their clothes for quite a while & then it was just small vests. I was so chuffed when they finally got a babygro on! We were in about 4 different SCBUs (long story!) & they all just had nappies in the corner which you help yourself to. I think when parents leave they tend to donate clothes & any spare nappies (I certainly did), so there are always plenty to go round.

    Try not to worry. It's a scary time, but they are in the best place & I found the staff were absolutely fantastic.

    Boots seemed to do the best range for clothing if you do want to get some things. I found other places said tiny baby, but it still drowned them! Mine were both 3lbs 8 when they born.

    Good luck!
  • Have you got your c-sec date yet hun? xx
  • Hi tryingforbabyM,
    sorry to jump onto this forum - I cant really help I'm afraid but I just wanted to thankyou for your kind message left on my TwintoTwintransfusionsyndrome post. I have re registered now that my head is a bit more sorted out!
    Have you finished with Queen Charlottes yet? I really miss going to see them although it was quite a trek on the train and across London. My local hospital hasnt dealt with our condition for years apparetnly so they dont seem too knowledgeable/confident.
    Anyway, I wish you lots of best wishes in the delivery of your babies.
  • Thank you Winelover. I'm so glad you re-registered.
    We have our last trip to QCH tomorrow and am actually feeling quite emotional about it. I know technically they haven't done anything as they haven't intervened but their monitoring and expertise has been invaluable to us over the last 12 weeks.
    Like you, our local hospital don't really have the experience and we always know if QCH are happy then we are doing OK. I am now booked to have my babies on Thurs 7th May at our local hospital when I will be 32+3. I'm very scared about how little they will be but am hoping they will be OK.
    Wishing you all the best for the birth. I know it will be a time of mixed emotions for you so will be thinkng of you xxx
  • Hi
    There seem to be a lot of babies mentioned on BE that have been born from 32 weeks that are thriving so I am sure that everything will be ok. At least they can monitor your littler one more closely if she / he is on the outside (so to speak ).

    We have our c section booked for 10 June when I will be 38 + 5. Not v happy about it as I am 3 weeks bigger in size because of the other little one and am scared will go into labour before that date. Hospital just dont seem to be taking that into account at all. I dont want a v birth as Eve has been through enough and I dont want her little body damaged any more.

    I will be thinking of you on your big day and look forward to hearing how it all went.

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