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my sister in-law is due

my sister in-law is due twins on the 2nd of march but the hospital are taking her in to hospital next week she is told she can go no futher than 18th feb her husband wants valentines day and she wants 16th which is her first child 1st birthday is it safe to be taken this early she had a c-section and is booked in againfor 1 worried about her but im soooo excited for her image


  • 2 weeks early should be fine, I think they rarely let twin pregnancies go full term and if she has had a previous c-section that would mean that they would like to get her in early too. My youngest daughter was born 3 and a half weeks early she weighed 7lb and hasnt had any problems, The doctors know when its right and sometimes its safer to do it earlier than later. GOOD LUCK TO HER XXXXXXXXXX
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