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Hi All,
I'm looking for a bit of advice from all of you who have been through a twin pregnancy, I'm currently 16 weeks pregnant with non identical twins and can honestly say that i have never felt so exhausted!!!!
This may be due to the fact that i'm constantly on the go with my 12 month old but i really hoped that i would get that burst of energy after i hit 12 weeks as i did with my last two pregnancys, but as yet i can't say its improving!!!!!
Am i being unrealistic to think that i should be wanting to go on lovely walks, clean the whole house ( maybe not) etc or will i just feel more tired because i am carrying two!!!
Bit of a pointless post but could do with some words of wisdom from all of you who have been there!!

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  • i think what doesnt help is having anouther LO to look after,i was the same and i had spd so really couldnt move much,the only advice i can give is,if they is help about then take it with both hands and when you can it :lol:

  • Yeah im with Sarah i had no other ones b4 the twins i could have happily slept for the first 18 weeks i did get a bit energy after that but it dissapeared at 30 weeks haha! All the help you can get hun!
    Hope your ok
  • I'm with you lennie, I'm 15+2 now and totally exhausted!! I've taken this week off work and feel absolutely pooped!! My consultant told me to get a prescription from my midwife at my 16 week check (next week) for a multivit called pregaday, it apparently has iron in it to help with the energy problems!! I'd mention it to your midwife or doc, there may be something they can give you?? xx
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