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twins are 4 weeks old today!

My twins are 4 weeks old today.
we are now down to only 3 feeds in the night - altogether whooo ho!

doing really well!

me on the other hand - i have a set back...
got an infection in my c-section scar.
its so sore - and i feel bacl to square one again!

have been told off for over doing it - but resting with twins and a 2 year old is impossible!!!!!!


  • Cant believe they a month old already. Did you choose your names yet? I got another scan on Monday, I feel so huge already (23 weeks) fed up of peoples comments. I need to wear maternity support band, and have carpel tunnel in right hand so need to get a night support wrist thing for that, and that pain in my left buttock is so sore too. Oh well the fun of being pregnant with a 11 month old. Hope you feel better soon.
  • Don't the weeks fly - sorry to hear of your setback.

    Would love to here their names too !
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