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Twins movement??

Hi all,

Im 22 weeks with twins & have been feeling them move for a while but for the last week or so i can really only feel movement on my right side. I do feel movement now and again closer to the middle/left of my tummy but not nearly as much as on the right. I'm not all that worried as i had a gender scan (two girls) last week & everything was fine then, i just wondered if it's normal not to feel each twin clearly if you know what i mean??? Maybe one is infront of the other?

Also at my 20wk scan the sonographer said i need to have an internal scan at 24 wks to check for signs of prem labour. Is this normal? I thought it was odd that the sonographer made the appointment despite my consultant saying he didn't need to see me again until 28 wks? I suspect i will go to this appointment & the consultant will say i don't need it since he obviously didn't think it was neccessary. I feel like they don't know what they are doing sometimes! I'm sure i'm just worrying unnecessarily though. This is just all so different & confusing after having a straightforward singleton pregnancy.



  • i had this all the time,one would move all the time and the other didnt,then a week would go by and they would swap,as regards to the internal,i never had this done despite my son been born at 35wks,they never even said anything about checking to see if they could tell if they were going to be early

  • hi hun completely normal! I use to worry constantly about not feeling our boy twin and ended up getting myself in a right panic that he'd be "gone" at the next scan. Until i spoke to my twin consultant and he reassured me that twin two was slightly tucked back and was more than likely kicking the other twin than me.

    He advised me rather than "feeling" for each movement PER twin feel for normal movements for the twins as a collective if this changed then go straight up.

    As for the scan i didn't have it (wish i had as i went into prem labour at 23+5 with the twins) however i believe there are trials running in certain boroughs offering this now. My friend just had it and said it was fine not uncomfortable in the least they just slip it in (or u can) and it just sits an inch or two within the vagina.

    Good luck
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