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Buggy problem-with young child and twins on their way

Hello mums.I have 1 year old son and twins due on 3.11. I have no idea what type of buggy to buy because my son wont be able to walk beside twin buggy, He's still too little. Also I live in an upstairs flat, when you open the door there are stairs , there is hardly any space for my son's buggy at the moment....Its always hassle going out. So I will need a buggy which can be folded, but I wonder how I'm going to take upstairs twins,my son and buggy....If you know any kind of suitable buggy for me, please give me some advice.This is my big concern.I hope I will ever get out of my flat after the birth....


  • Hi
    First ongrats on twins> I dont have twins but wil have 3 small kids when 5th due in March (others 2 older so dont come into pushchair debate)

    I just bought the Mamas and Papas jet pulse. It is suitable from birth and comes with head huggers and cosy toes. It was 200 but you could look on ebay for one. It is light and easy to use. You should also get a baby carrier so you can carry one of the twins and the other and your LO can go in buggy. This way you have 2 hnds free to get one twin and you toddler up the stairs. Again look on ebay as you woul need good make to save your back and so baby comfy. You can use baby carriers till they are about 2 I think so by then toddler could have a buggy board attached????

    Hope this helps.
  • Thanks dee dee....I am not really keen on baby carrier...I would prefer baby to be comfortably lying in the buggy...I actually found yesterday Mamas and Papas buggy PEG Perrego something like that for triplets....but then I wont be able to use bus at all...I might think of the options for baby carrier...I must talk it over with my partner....anyways , thanks for your advice...By the way, how old are your children?
  • I was going to buy a peg perrego (I'm having triplets), the only trouble with it is that it's really long and you might have trouble getting it up and down curbs and around corners! I've since settled for a triple mountain buggy and thankfully managed to get one second hand (they're about ??850) - I face the same situation as you though, even though I live in a house not a flat the buggy won't fit through any of the doors, so I'm facing having to leave them outside whilst I carry them in one or two at a time, then fold the buggy and carry that in! I'm hoping to be able to get the garden gate widened, so I can at least wheel them right up to the back door, which opens straight into the lounge!

    You'rew probably better off looking for a buggy with larger wheels, as they seem to be easier to push as the babies get bigger - small wheels take a lot more effort to puch and get up and down pavements, etc.

    There is another triple pram I've been told about by Inglesina(? - think that's the name) that has got two seats at the back and one in front, but I haven't been able to find one yet!
  • HI
    kids are 16, 14, 3, 1 and 12 weeks preg. Look on TAMBA website they have offers on Triple pushchairs. Think you can loan them too.
    Good luck x
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