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Having Twin Boys


I am 37 and 29 weeks pregnant with non identical twin boys. My pregnancy has been very text book so far and luckily low risk. Love to hear from other twin mommies. Any advice most welcome.

Lisa X


  • Hi Marsha,

    Well I'm only starting to get the back ache now. If I try to lie on my back it really hurts but doesn't feel so bad on my sides. The odema has started too and the midwife yesterday told me to take my engagement & wedding rings off before they ended up getting cut off. I have a condition called Carpal Tunnel Syndrome where the blood vessels swell in the wrist and through the hands and now my fingers are getting a little tubby as a result. They claim it will go as soon as babies are born.

    My sons are going to be called Sean Alexander & Samuel (Sam) Robert. Sean was my deceased fathers name and Robert is my hubby's deceased fathers name.

    Sorry to read about your recent visit to hospital. Our babies sure have a way of keeping us on our toes. I had a little scare myself but I only spent a day in luckily. One of the babies had stopped moving for over 24 hours.

    Lisa XXX
  • hiya lisa,

    congratulations on your double pregnancy good to hear your having a good pregancy. reduced moving becomes more common as you get further into the pregnancy, i was in and out because of it but they definately keep you on your toes but they are worth it !!!
    debs xxx
  • hi there i have non identical twin boys who are now 5 years old and i have also an 11 week old i can asure you it will be hard in the first few months but it does get easier as they get older i had the boys naturally but had to have a c-section with my last one. it is also nice to have twins as they will play together and you can get on with things abit more. i hope things go well for you. i spent my last two weeks in hospital as i was 2.5 cms when i went for a check up but nothing happened for the next two weeks. good luck again.
  • Hi there,
    I am 31 weeks, expecting non identical twin boys and having at home 12 months son who was born exactly one year ago and 7 minutes....I found it really hard to look after him now when he started to walk and also getting up at nights makes me feel exhausted.My partner is working hard so I dont expect him to get up instead of me...I'm trying for potty training as well so at the end of the day I am knackered.My pregnancy has been ok so far, although I suffer from varicose veins...I get lots of pain in pelvic and backache as well plus babies kicking me. i wonder how I am going to cope cause I dont know what it is good night son is still teething so you can imagine how poor I look.I also dont know yet how to call them...Also I wonder what the labour is going to be like....I think I'll go for caeserean....My first son was born naturally I just used Entonox - gas and air...But this time I dont think I could cope plus I cant imagine my babies been pulled out with forceps or vaccum....Can you give me advice what to expect when giving birth to twins?
  • CONGRATULATIONS CRILLY!!!your daughters were born on my son's 1birthday....What was the labour like? I mean I know what is it like but twins....I am scared to be honest and also I am scared that they will come too early....I have feeling that mine will be born soon as well and I dont have my hospital bag packed yet.I will do so today.Anyway, are they still in hospital?what are their names? I am 32 weeks plus 1day today.....I am having scan on Wednesday and appointment with obstetrician as well, I wonder how big they are cause although my bump is growing I still think they are too small....what was their weight? and height? How long was the labour...if you find time to write please let me know..probably internet is the last thing on your mind now but I would appreciate any news from you anyway..take care and good luck...if you need an advice from me go ahead...I may be able to help cause 've been there, 've done that....
  • I'm 23+6 with triplets at the moment. Had a scan last Thursday which showed that the girls are about 1lb each at the moment and growing well, so hopefully, even though I'm due to deliver at 34 weeks (I'm trying to be positive and not adding 'if I go that far') hopefully they'll be about 4 or 5 pounds.

    I'm starting to get worried now though - up until now I think I've just been prepared for something to go wrong and being helpless to stop it, but now that I'm close to 'viability', this period between 24 and 28 weeks seems really scary - especially as I've just been referred from my local hospital to one about an hours drive away until I'm past 28 weeks.

    I've got my hospital bag packed already, and am pressuring hubby into helping me get the last few things we need ready, just in case. It doesn't help that I've been getting braxton hicks for about a month now and every time it happens I'm on edge, making sure that they aren't too regular, etc and trying to relax to help them go away!

    What are/were the movements like - did one move/kick more than the other? At the moment two of mine seem really active, but the third doesn't move much at all - I can feel her hicupping occasionally, but she hasn't really moved/changed position all pregnancy, whilst the other two have wriggled around and seem to be in a different position every time I have a scan....
  • Hi Marsha,
    how are you doing? hope, everything is well with you and your girls...
    I just had a scan today.Both babies are head down, that's why I get so much pain and they are almost the same size.There was big difference between them when they were little, both now doctor said they are very friendly to each other they share nutritions equally.Also I need to make up my mind whether I want C-section or natural birth...Well, I would go for C-section cause I am worried about the second baby who could turn the bottom up after delivering first one and then there would be instrumental delivery needed or emergency c-section anyway....
    After giving birth naturally what would you choose next time when you're expecting?
    Also I lost weight since last visit but only few grams...but next time i visit hospital I have to put on at least 3kg...
    take care and looking forward to hearing from you again...
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