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Do any of you Mums of twins have ideas about things you bought for your twins that made life so much easier - things you couldn't have done without? I didn't think we needed to buy much for this pregnancy, but now that we've found out it's twins, everything's changed!


  • Oooohhh, good post. Weve already bought everything but would be good to know what mummies of twins have found invaluable.

    Gemma and Double Blue Bump 30 + 4
  • of the top of my head there isnt anything that we've bought and ive thought thank god we got that,iam sure they might be but just cant think of anything,there is one thing that i didnt buy buy couldnt have done with out and thats my MIL :lol: she has been a god send,since the twins came home from hospital at 5wks she has been up at my house almost every day in the morning to help me,she gets my 2 year old up and sorts him out while i do the twins,at times it has been a bit much but she has really helped me out,so if anyone asks you if you need help,bite there hand off and say oh hell yea!!!! :lol:

  • Oh, good post.
    To be honest, just the usuals but more of them....

    Bouncy chairs (I feed them at the same time in theirs if they are both hungry together)
    Separate cots/moses baskets (we ummed and aahed about whether to put them in together and I'm so glad we didn't. They love their space, sleep like starfishes and don't disturb each other in the night if one wakes)
    Single width twin buggy (Icandy Pear). Hours of research/agonising but I am so glad I went with a single width as I can fit through all doors and dont take over the whole pavement!
    Pop up cots - fab for out and about/holidays. They fold so small
    Angelcare monitors - our girls were prem and give us peace of mind that they are still breathing without having to get up and prod them (lights flash with movement so I can see from the bed!)
    Babybjorn - with one baby, you can carry a screaming child and push the empty buggy with the other hand. With 2, you can't so I carry a Babybjorn for emergencies (we have 2 for when hubby is with me and we have one each)
    Large OIOI changing bag - this is my 3rd changing bag and the only one that's big enough for all their bits and bobs
    Reuseable nappies - saves a fortune on disposables

    Can't think of anything else at the moment

    Wow, sorry for the ramble. Couldn't stop once I got started!! xx
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