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2 moses baskets or one cot ??

Hi, I am 20+4 with twin girls and am not sure if anyone can help me make my mind up. I have heard that twins settle better together as they have spent 9 months up close to each other. Not sure whether to spend the money on two moses baskets or get one std cot for them to share whilst they are in our room. ( not much room really ) Have cotbeds sorted side by side for nursery for when they are older but wondered what any new twin mums thought or if they could lend advice ?? Thanks!!


  • I would be very interested in people's views too. After lots of reading and mixed opinions, we have gone for 2 moses baskets. We'll see how it goes........
  • Hi,we have decided to put them in one cot until they move out of our room. I've read that they settle better that way and as there's no extra risk of cot death it saves us a bit of money!!

    K 14+1 xx
  • Hi, Ive got id twin boys and from day one they settled better in seperate moses baskets, After 9 months of sharing a small space they liked to strech out and were always scratching/waking up the other, they have always liked to be able to see each other but prefer to have their own space.

    Re moses baskets the benefit is that you can take the basket downstairs with you in the morning, in the begining they will sleep loads and you dont want them upstairs all the time whilst you are down.

    I also think it depends on how you are planning to do the night feeds. if you want to feed them together (which i personally recommend) then if they wake each other up thats not a prob, but if you plan to feed them seperatly then you might want them in their own basket.

    Re money have you thought about buying a second hand basket, whilst the new ones with all the frills etc look lovely they are too much hassel when you have twins, I just used a bare moses basket and bought a new mattress and used sheet and blanket, all much easier to clean when they were sick.

    This disadvantage of a moses basket is if they are good size they wont be in it for long, but i did find it useful

    Sorry its long


    Mum to Id boys 23 months, lo 23 weeks and ttc 4th and final
  • I am a new mummy to 2 week old twin girls!!

    I bought two moses baskets AND have just SOLD 2 moses baskets!!

    So i think you can guess what im going to say... my two settle and sleep better together, side by side, and there was not enough room in a single moses basket, and did not like sleeping in one each!

    So on our 2nd day home... we bought this...

    And its FAB!!!! (we didn't buy it from argos tho)

    Girls love sleeping on the bassinet (great level, saves your back).

    Em x
  • My twin girls are three weeks Friday. I liked the idea of having them in the same cot but was advised by my HV not to do this - though they were side by side in the hospital. Anyway I have taken her advise and they are in seperate moses basket/crib in the living room during the day and sleep feet to foot at opposite ends of a full size cot in the bedroom at night.
  • My twins cried and would not settle for the first few weeks if seperated - so they slept in one moses basket head to head - arms and legs entwinned!

    They now sleep in seperate cots side by side - and do wake each other.
    Together in one cot they kick each other - pull each others hair and generally make each other scream now - they are 7 months....

    like aprevious poster i found the moses basket essential - as i could carry it down stairs in those 1st mad weeks!

    good luck

  • Thanks for all your advice - it's great to know mum's are on hand with experienced knowledge !!
  • HI

    My girls went into the same cot when we bought them home, in our room. We moved them into their own room when they were 41/2 months and they still shared until last week when we had to separate them because they keep pulling eachother eyes and ears, basically fighting lol and also they compete to see who can puch the covers off first so they then wake up cold and scream the house down!!

    My girls will be 7months this week (or just over 5months corrected)
  • my boys were in CBU for 5 weeks so were in sep cots, when we came home they were in swing crib toghether during the day (borrowed from a friend) only used it for about 3 weeks as they were then too big, and then in sep moses baskets (one borrowed and one was mine) for about 2-3 weeks they are now 20 weeks and sleep head to head in a cot bed and sleep in sleeping bag/grobags. They settle fine at night. I would see what you can borrow as moses baskets you may notmused very long and they can be expensive.
    Max and Milo 20 weeks Luke 17 1/2 mth
  • Hi
    new to this site. Daft really as my twins are now 6 months. Got over the worst bit.
    I put my babies in separate moses baskets when they came home. However, my little boy would not settle without his sister and so for the first 4 weeks they slept together (much to her disgust!!) After that he got too big and had to go on his own, I used to give him one of her babygros to smell. It worked. I was amazed that he felt this way as they were non identical and lived separately for nine months but GP did say they would still have had that closeness, growing together
    They are now 6 months in separate cots but in the same room.
    Good Luck
  • farriers thats exactly the same as my boy / girl twins!
    boys must be more clingy!
    mine are 7 months!
  • my girl and boy were in SCBU for nearly 5wks and they were in a double cot (they looked so cute laid next to each other) but they came home on monday and they have been in there own mosses basket and ive had no trouble with them sleeping

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