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pregnant with twins and very scared.

hello ladies and guys.

im mary im 10 weeks pregnant with twins i had a emergancy scan done 3 weeks ago cause they thought something was wrong and found out im have twins,

i already have 2 daughters aged 2 and 4 so im really scared, not just for the giving birth and caring for them but for the pregnany most really.

ive done the bad thing and go on websites to get info about twins cause i dont know what to expect with this pregnancy, and there is sites saying if you have an early scan it sometimes shows two sac's with two babies but when you come to your 12 week scan one has dissapeared, i couldn't bear the thought of it.

did anyone else feel like this too, im so scared of losing one or both its making me so scared to move or do much really incase i do anything.

some freindly chats with other twin pregnancys would be great.

im due on my birthday which is 1st aug 2009 but as twin pregnancys are only 36-37 weeks it will be end of july.

thanks to all that reply and hope everyone has a lovely christmas.

mary and the


  • Hi Mary please dont be so scared i had an early scan at 5weeks after some bleeding and was told the same as you so i know how you feel at the moment but as your a lot further along im sure they will stay put mine did and are going to be 3 on thursday

    I do have to admit that my pair did have a tramatic start coming at 28weeks but are now doing fine  and i run a twins group and there are only 3sets out of 18 that came earlier than 35weeks and one set were even late coming at 41weeks, me i would have demanded a section by 37weeks as i was already huge when i had them, so if i went that far i would not have been able to move. lol  

    i spent every day of my pregnancy scared i would lose them as i have a long history of pregnancy loss and that made me unable to relax and enjoy it but you have already managed to do it so even though this pregnancy is likely to be a bit physicaly tougher on you than the previous two you can do it you just need to relax as stress isnt good for you or the twins

    Take care and have a good christmas then in a couple of weeks you will see the twins again and how much they have grown since the last time

    chat soon

    Jean mummy to Joshua and Shannon 3  xxxxxxx    


  • thank you so much for that its made me feel alot better,

    if were carrying a boy were calling him joshua ive loved that name since my first.

    i am going to try and chill out on the subject more.

    its hard but ill try,

    thanks once again.

    happy birthday to them for thursday. xxx

  • Wahey well done Mary thats lovely news!!! Im Jenni mummy to Isabelle.

     I have not had twins but im sure you will be fine. As Jean says you are 10weeks now so nearly at that all important 12week mark anyway. Try to relax and chill out as you don't want the twins picking up on it or your other children as they need you to be there for them. Have a lovely christmas xx

  • I thnik you will have your wokr cut out but we forget just how amazing women are. You will learn to cope and adjust so just try to enjoy it. Hope you get at least 1 boy. I got 2 girls myself Isabelle 4 Ayesha 22 months. I am hoping for a boy this time.
  • Hi Mary, sorry only just seen this post. I know exactly how you feel, I'm pregnant with twins also, am coming to the end now tho, i'm 33 weeks and being delivered at 37 weeks by c section, i already have a 6 yr old son and 3 yr old daughter and it has been hard trying to cope with the pregnancy and look after them as i have found that this pregnancy has been alot worse than the other 2 especially as it gets further along.

    Try not to fret about the scans, they are pretty good at keeping a close eye on you with multiple pregnancies, when i reached 28 weeks, i was starting to get scanned every 2 weeks, which is just to check their growth and the fluid etc.

    If theres anything you want to ask, i'm more than willing to answer, you probably have loads of questions the same as i did, and i can't think of anything else to say as i have brain freeze at the moment lol.

    Congratulations (forgot to say that)


  • Hi

     Im also 33 weeks with twins ...both girls and so far so good !!!

    Im more scared about the birth now though; as my hospital havent decided wether i need a c section or not i feel like im left in limbo until i go into labour. It really feels like their attitude is wait and see!!!

    Im only getting scanned every 4 weeks as well; and they wont discuss my birth plan until i go back next time which is 36 weeks!! Im just hoping that the girls dont decide to make an appearance before then.

    Has anyone got any tips or advice as im really scared!!!

    Charlie xx

  • i was pregnant  last jan 13 2009 and i lost my babyboy 3 weeks before is to be born the doctor could not save him and i lost all my blood in my body  and i have to have a c   section and i all most died to but they saved me but not my baby boy and now i am pregnant now i am all most 7 months and i am going to have a c section again and i am scared cuz last time i was sleeping and now i want to be awake when they are doing the c section so i can see the babies be born
  • hiya amanda,

    ive had two c sections, i was awake for both and i can honestly say except for the canular it was a ok experince, nice and calm and well wonderfull really!

    Theres a few of us on here that have had sections so any worries or questions feel free.

    I am very sorry for your loss, i wish you lots of luck and a healthy baby! xxxx

  • i am 32 3 days and have had a few minor issues.. for example early contractions at 26 weeks..andso on.. But as i get closer to the due date I am scare to poo, about having a c section both boys are transverse.. So I go back 2/8/10 to see if they are not turned yet and if they didnt i will end up with a csection.. any tips on how to not freak out?
  • Hi ladies 💜💜

    Did any of you with twins have an ultrasound like this early on? I'm going crazy and just want to know if I'm having twins !! I have to wait 7 days until my next ultrasound imageimageimage

  • Hi Tashalea, I didn't find out with my twins until the 12wks scan BUT they were positioned side by side exactly like this at 12wks  (it was only from 16wks that twin 1 started to move lower & twin 2 moved up). It could be a shadow but it could be twins 

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