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little update

hi guys,not been on here in soooooooo long!hope everyone is keeping well image just thought i would put a little update as some of you know my non-id twin boys were born weighing 7lb 11oz and 8lb 2oz,they are 6 months old and now weigh 17lb 10oz and 19lb 1oz image both are progressing at different paces and have completely different personalities,elliot can roll all around the room and sits up on his own to play whereas ethan has only just started rolling over.ethan has 2 teeth and elliot has 3 so drooling ahoy here proud of my boys and how they are coming on. image


  • Hello,

    I'm sure we had had our twins around the same time. It's amazing how different two little ones can be isn't it! Lily has only really just mastered sitting without suddendly throwing herself backwards & is trying to crawl. William mastered crawling ages ago & is bored with that now & wants to spend all his time on his feet! I can't beleive they are 7 1/2 months now! Thet are growing up too fast!!
  • hiya yes i think we did image glad to hear your babies are doing well,i guess the fun really does begin for us now they are on the move lol
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