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Anyone use reuseables with twins or more?!

Hi everyone,

I currently use pocket nappies with my daughter, who is 22 months. When she was a baby, my son was also still in reuseable nappies just at night time, and I found that easy enough to have 2 in washable nappies as my son was only using 1 nappy per night so it wasnt really an extra strain on the washing!

However, I am expecting twins in November, and am wondering if I'll be able to keep using washables. It'll be double the load to wash and dry, and there's also a strong chance that my 22 month old may still be in nappies by then too.

I have 4 children already, so its all the day to day washing to keep on top of as well as the nappies, and with 6 children come November time and all the associated extra washing that newborn babies bring, I just dont know if I'll manage.

Has anybody else had twins or more in reuseable nappies and managed? How did you make sure you got everything washed? How many loads of nappies did you do per week?

Any advice would be great xxxx
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