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getting sterilised...?

not sure where to post this!

I have my beautiful twins who I desparately wanted, and now love and adore more than I ever could believe was possible.

I went through a rough time with the pregnancy, birth then neonatal, as I'm sure many of us on here did.

Anyway, that's it for me. No more babies thank you. I took clomid to get them, couldn't risk more multiples - I wouldn't be messing with my/my husband's lives this time, I've got my twins to think about too. I know non of us can afford our kids but we manage, but I want to spoil them for the rest of their lives and give them things my lovely parents couldn't afford to give me and my sister, although they did a damned good job. I can't afford any more - but even if I won the lottery I don't know that I'd want to risk having more children. I know of too many bad stories, esp involving multiples. I am very happy and grateful for what I've got, and don't dare to take any chances.

So, I'm 29. My doctor told me to wait til I'm 30 at least til I decide for certain that I want to be sterilised. I don't like condoms, I disagree with the coil, I don't want the pill messing up my body as it has done on and off since I was 15. I'm very happy for it to be me not my husband to get it done. I'd like to do the 'natural' thing, as I couldn't get pregnant when bonking like mad so sure my once a month (ha ha) ain't gonna get me pregnant - but it might! image

Have any of you been sterilised since your babies, and what did you consider that I'm not thinking about? (yes I've considered what the GP said - what if one/both twins die or you and OH separate).

Thank you x


  • i think your very brave to get it done,i couldnt,even though they is no way were having any more kids (we have 3) its just so finale,i have asked hubbie to get the snip but he hates needles and probably wont get it done for this reason,even when he goes to the dentist and has fillings or teeth out,he wont have a needle,he rather feel the pain,crazy i know!
  • I am 28, we have three year old ID girls, and I'm currently 32 weeks with our third and final child!!! We always agreed that we wanted a maximum of three children. But we both seperately had that number in our head, so in future, if we ever did split, I wouldn't want anymore children, I have the three I always wanted! And if, God forbid, something terrible happened to one of my children, I would never want another child to replace the one I lost. I have my arguments ready for my post-natal checkup when I will be asking my GP how soon I can have the operation!

    Hubby is also going to go for a vasectomy, but I want to take the responsibility for my own fertility, and feel that the doctors have no right to tell me I have to wait until a certain age. Its my choice!!!

    Maybe you should go back to the doctor and see if you can get a referral to see what the surgeon thinks?

    Jo xx
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